This is totally distracting.  It seemed like yesterday when Adam Lambert got this much praise on American Idol, with his performance of that Rolling Stones track compelling Randy Jackson to compare him to Twilight‘s Robert Pattinson.  And, as he found himself a spot on the Top 12, people online started wondering whether he could be the “next Edward Cullen,” probably because of his looks, and probably because of his singing, although his voice is obviously much screechier than Robert’s.

And then, boom–photos of him kissing other guys come out.  I’m sorry, but I think those people have lost themselves future vampire material.

Vote for the Worst has done it again.  They’ve posted photos of Adam kissing another guy.  For those queasy about the details, well, here they are–most of the photos have Adam wearing flamboyant outfits, and shiny purple hair, lip-locking with another similarly-dressed guy.  One of the photos shows Adam in his usual get-up, like what we’ve seen in Idol recently.  As for the kiss, well, let’s say there’s tongue involved.  Oh, and the photos are right here.

Now, to be honest, I don’t give a damn whether someone is gay or not.  I don’t think it hurts one person’s chances of winning Idol–what about Clay Aiken, and those rumors about his sexuality that swirled during his run?  The interesting thing, really, is the demographic that he’s bent on taking: the young girls gushing over his looks, and perhaps the housewives who do the same, too.  I have many friends who are doing exactly that.  “Oh my gosh, like, Adam Lambert, is, like, sooo sooo hawt.”  Not to mention he’s got a good voice too, as shown during his performance, and during the eight years he’s spent in the musical theater circuit.

But, personally, this is distracting. Not to mention I was staring at my crush from afar before this came to my desk, but–okay, that’s too much information–this isn’t the Adam Lambert that I was thinking of during his performances.  I saw his audition, and I saw him during Hollywood, and I obviously saw him last week, and he seemed to be this smooth, suave dude who knows his way to the ladies while maintaining some sort of street cred.  And then these pictures come out, and I have to endure the misfortune of having them stuck in my head, at least until later tonight, when I get to watch Nathaniel Marshall.

What about his chances, then? It’s too early to tell.  Me, I hope people don’t vote against him on the basis of these photos alone, although why (and how) these came out is a totally different story.  Overall, this will make Adam Lambert one of the most interesting contestants in American Idol history.  Maybe on the league of Sanjaya Malakar?  That’d be too much.  (And fans will hate me for saying it, I know.)  Let’s just say it will be a very, very interesting situation.  And I’m saying that because “curious case” is becoming a pop culture cliché already.  But that’s a different story altogether.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Henrik Batallones

Staff Writer, BuddyTV