Rock of Love 2 premieres on Sunday, January 13 and it looks like fans are in for another turbulent season with Bret Michaels and company.  VH-1 released this picture of the cast today, along with a six-part on line only casting special.  The casting special is just clips from the various interviews performed with the Rock of Love 2 hopefuls.  If you watch the special, you’ll notice that a number of the interviewees made the final cut and are featured in the photo.  In case you don’t want to spend the time to watch the special, I did and below you’ll find a run down of every female featured in the special, along with what they bring to the table.

Bret Michaels will have his hands full with this group.  The main themes of the interviews were 1) they like to have sex and 2) large breasts are a plus. 

A hot mathematician who interned for NASA.

Some foreign girl with huge boobs who likes to get it on.

A stuck-up Southern girl who complains about paying on a second date.

A go-go dancer who dances at Bar Mitzvahs.

A girl whose grandma bought her braces and mom bought her boobs.  There’s a lot of boob talk.

A lady who plays an original song that’s not half bad on her guitar.

A farm girl who talks a lot about live stock.  She also talks about her early periods. 

A hot mom who talks about always wanting to be a MILF, now she is.  She says that she almost went on strike with men. 

For her 22nd birthday she got married to her boyfriend who worked at Hot Topic.  They didn’t consummate the marriage.

A girl with one of those silly pompadours.  She tells a story about getting food poisoning on a first date and proceeded to poop herself right in front of the dude.  Yikes. 

A black woman who talks about liking rock n’ roll and how she gets judged for it because she’s black.

A lady who’s horrible at math and then decided to be a black jack dealer.  She’s a tomboy.  She needs a man who has tattoos.

A woman who talks about having sex in the front yard of her house. 

A woman who is dressed like the St. Pauli girl who demands to be respected.  She’s a psychopath who likes crazy nonsense during sex.  “I’m just a freak,” she says. 

A lady who works as a make up artist for porn actors.  Sweet gig.  She tells a story about her being a huge bitch.

A bisexual who wants to eventually end up with a man.  But, she’s still on the fence.  She calls herself incomparable.

A hot rock n’ roll chick who plays a song written especially for the audition called “Rock n’ Roll Monkey.”  It’s a terrible, terrible song. 

A sad looking girl who is a ventriloquist.  She has her dummy with her.  This is really weird.  She does singing telegrams.

A woman who tells a story about having sex on a motorcycle while driving along a curvy road near Port Angeles, Washington.  My uncle used to live there.  It’s a good place.

A woman who has a sex swing in her bedroom.  She’s an idiot. 

An enormously tall, attractive lady who talks about how her parents hate how she doesn’t wear many clothes.  She thinks she was born to be a rock star girlfriend and compares her calling to the same one nuns feel.

A woman who talks about having sex five times in a day.

A lady who talks about being tied up during sex. 

A woman who doesn’t know how to burp.

A lady who talks about having sex with a cop in a cop car that’s parked in a church parking lot.  They left the cop car and moved the proceedings into the back of a dirty pick-up truck. 

And that was that.  I think I need a shower.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: VH-1
(Image Courtesy of VH-1)

Oscar Dahl

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