Early next year, teen skateboarder Ryan Sheckler returns to the small screen for another season of his hit MTV reality series, Life of Ryan.  Beginning Tuesday, January 8, viewers will see how Sheckler deals with being a full-time skater and fulfilling his responsibilities at home.

Sheckler’s 18th birthday and high school graduation are fast approaching, but he is preoccupied with traveling the world for his skating career.  Additionally, he becomes more involved with his various business ventures.  As for his home life, he is preparing to move out on his own after serving as the man of the house following his parents’ divorce.  Moving out proves to be a difficult task for the teen skateboarding sensation as he has a very close relationship with his two brothers, Shane Sheckler and Kane Sheckler.

Ryan Sheckler also devotes some time to hanging out with his friends, Tony, Mitch, Casey and Casey’s girlfriend, Taylor.  Love may also be in the horizon for Sheckler as he continues his search for his perfect girl.

The premiere episode of Life of Ryan‘s second season can be downloaded for free on Wednesday, January 2.  Subsequent episodes can then be purchased via iTunes, Amazon Unbox and Bit Torrent.  Viewers can opt to either buy single episodes or a season pass, and those who purchase early will be given a discount.  Aired episodes will also be available for viewing on MTV Demand.

On the same day as the second-season television premiere, MTV Networks will launch a new virtual hoverboard park, wherein fans can show off their own skating skill by using the different kinds of ramps, halfpipes, jumps and rails featured on the site.  Missions, contests or events that will demonstrate users’ boarding skills and styles will also be held each week.

Visitors of the site can also buy exclusive items on the site, and catch the Life of Ryan cast as they make in-world appearances throughout the season.

In the meantime, fans can tide themselves over with episodes from the first season, all of which are available on the revamped Life of Ryan website.  Beginning Wednesday, December 19, fans can update themselves on what’s been going on with the show’s cast since the first season ended by visiting the website’s “Meet the Cast” section.  After each episode airs, MTV.com will post it on the website and give fans the opportunity to share their opinions and thoughts through a blog.  Ryan Scheckler will also be updating a personal blog on the site.

Catch the second season premiere of Life of Ryan, airing January 8 at 10pm on MTV.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: MTV
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