Dr. Leslie Arzt makes his triumphant return to the world of Lost today with the first of (supposedly) two Mobisode appearances.  Dr. Arzt was something of a fan favorite during his one season on the show, and perhaps received the most memorable death of any character in a series known for its memorable deaths. Damon Lindelof wrote this Mobisode himself and, as a result, I think it has the best dialogue of any Mobisode so far.    It also has the most expansive cast, with five speaking parts, than any prior Missing Pieces installment.  However, in terms of enlightening content, there isn’t much. 

The episode begins with Sun and Jin speculating about Boone and Shannon’s relationship, as Michael and Hurley sits close.  Jin believes that they are lovers, because Boone looks at her that way.  Sun says that they are brother and sister.  Dr. Arzt arrives and tells them about how Jack, Locke and Kate are telling everyone to move to the caves.  He asks if they are going to go to the caves with everyone.  Michael reminds Arzt that Sun and Jin don’t speak English.  Hurley wonders why they shouldn’t go and says they should probably just trust Jack.  Arzt counters that caves have moisture, which breeds bacteria, and things will grow and lay eggs in their mouths while they sleep. Also, he recently saw Jack running in the forest, crying about his dad, chasing him. He questions Jack’s sanity.  Michael and Hurley are unmoved.  Arzt says that, screw you guys, I’m staying on the beach.  Then comes a loud monster noise, and Arzt changes his tune.  He says he’ll see them all at the caves. 

There are some notable parts of the Mobisode.  Sun almost gives away her English-speaking abilities in regards to Shannon and Boone’s relationship.  Jin still has his handcuffs on.  That Arzt witnessed Jack chasing his father might be more significant in some way that I’m not seeing.  Other than that, there’s nothing much to this.  It’s just a little slice of the survivors’ reactions to the move to the cave.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: DarkUFO
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Oscar Dahl

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