In tonight’s finale of A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, the bisexual MySpace queen must decide between small town boy Bobby and butch fire fighter Dani. Clearly the fan favorite is Dani. Two weeks ago I asked you who you thought would win, and with more than 2,000 votes in our BuddyTV poll, 70 percent chose Dani. However, that doesn’t make it so.

Arguments can be made in favor of either contestant.  As we prepare for the finale, let’s take a closer look at who has the better shot at winning A Shot at Love.


Undoubtedly, this poor boy has put up with a lot in the house. He was sent to the hospital during Ashley’s historic meltdown. He was nearly sexually assaulted by a drunk Vanessa. He ate a penis. And testicles.

Really, it’s impossible to find a negative for Bobby. He seems charming enough, he’s decently good looking, he’s funny with a good sense of small town family values. When Tila visited his family, they were confused at first, but eventually came to love her. Basically, there’s not a bad thing I can think of.

In addition, there were all those rumors questioning Tila Tequila’s bisexuality. While she has denied them, I can’t help but think in the back of my head that there might be some truth to them. Obviously she’s willing to make out with women, but is this just experimental or a cheap ploy to become even more famous. Maybe it’s simply a societal thing, and we naturally assume that the woman will pick the man.

The final word on Bobby is that there’s absolutely no reason not to pick him, but there’s also no real reason to pick him. He’s not overly attractive or smart or funny. He’s practically average in every way.


Yes, she’s awesome. From the moment she strolled out in her fire fighter uniform, the first thing I wrote about her was “She’s pretty awesome.” Everyone loves an underdog, and in the case of lipstick lesbian loving Tila Tequila, a butch chick like Dani certainly qualifies. In fact, for the first couple weeks, it seemed Tila was only keeping her around so it didn’t look like she hated butch girls. Then, slowly but surely, Dani crept into all of our hearts.

She struck up a bond with fan favorite Domenico. She was chosen by the majority of her competitors as the most compatible for Tila (though some may claim they only chose her because they didn’t perceive her as a real threat). And, above all else, she has the coolest grandmother in the history of reality TV. In fact, I’m pretty sure some day soon there will be a techno dance hit song that samples the now classic line “Put that little butt on these knees.”

But can she win? Will Tila, a bisexual with a preference for lipstick lesbians, choose a butch girl over the average guy? As much as I want it to be so, I can’t see that happening. In fact, it’s impossible for me to see either of these two finalists lasting long-term with Tila Tequila. She’s too wild, too media savvy, and these two finalists seem like the most down-to-Earth people imaginable, which is shocking considering this is an MTV dating reality show where you’d expect insane, emotionally unbalanced people to make it to the finals.

Typically in draw situations like this, I go to my default tiebreaker: who looks better in a suit. Sadly, that too is a tie. It’s 50/50, flip a coin, a roll the dice situation. But because I’m a man, I’ll make predictions while also hedging my bets:


Now it’s you’re turn to make you’re final predictions before the finale.  Who will and should win?

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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