The CW is pulling out all the stops for the February premiere of the 2-hour Smallville television event.  If they reveal any more, we probably won’t be as surprised when “Absolute Justice” dominates our TV screens.  Okay, we’ll actually still be.

Anyway, the network has unleashed yet another teaser for the upcoming special episode, along with an incredibly cool poster.  They really are marketing this as one would a movie.  With that said, you can watch the trailer below.

To which we say, wow.

Seeing the Justice Society of America up-close, even on just a portrait, is already a thrill.  Put Clark beside them and it’s ten times better.  Now, to watch them work side by side?  You do the math.

“It’s the first live action Justice Society of America,” Geoff Johns announced.  He’s the acclaimed DC Comics writer who penned the script for this Smallville episode.  “Hawkman, Doctor Fate and, my personal favorite, Stargirl.”

But as we saw on the trailer, there might just be more of them.  If you’ve read the official description of the episode released by the CW, you’d know that there are more surprises in store.  Even Johns agrees.

“But don’t expect them to be the [only] ones you see,” he teased.  “Look closely in this episode.  There’s more cameos and easter eggs than Green Lanterns.”

Obviously, it won’t just be the superhero artifacts that Clark is eyeing on the trailer – from Alan Scott’s mask to Ted Grant’s boxing gloves.  There’s going to be plenty from the DC world that will sneak up on the audiences.

Movieweb has also acquired the poster for “Absolute Justice”, which highlights Clark along with the Green Arrow and the three JSA members.  They’ll be coming together to join forces, hoping to save another colleague of their group.

As if we need to remind you, don’t forget that Smallville‘s “Absolute Justice” episode airs on February 5 on the CW.

Source: The CW, Movieweb, MTV News
(Image Courtesy of the CW)

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