Riverdale’s “Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend” gets out of control fast. It’s Jughead’s birthday, so Betty decides to throw him a party he does not want. But with Archie and Veronica freaking out about their parents, Cheryl and Chuck out for blood, the alcohol flowing, and more, things quickly go downhill.

Mary Andrews Finally Arrives

Riverdale’s  “Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend” begins with Fred telling Jughead he has to leave and will miss Jughead’s birthday. He’s going to see Archie’s mom, Mary, to finally finalize their divorce. Archie wants them to fix things, but it’s pretty hopeless.

Later, Fred calls and tells Archie he and Mary were going to have dinner, but they canceled because they couldn’t talk without lawyers present.

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Later, a drunk Archie dials his dad and says not to go through with the divorce. And in the end, Fred brings Archie’s mom home. Yay! Molly Ringwald has arrived!

Will Veronica Help Her Dad?

Veronica’s dad’s attorney shows up to prep Veronica and Hermione for their statements. Veronica doesn’t want to help her dad after what he’s done, though. Betty and Archie then tell Veronica that Archie overhead Clifford Blossom saying he put Veronica’s dad in jail. Veronica tells Hermione what Archie overhead. She did some digging and found a spreadsheet of the Blossoms paying the Lodges a monthly fee for 75 years. So Clifford might have had him arrested to get out of the payments. Hermione says not to get the Blossoms involved though, because if people know Mr. Blossom got Mr. Lodge arrested, they might think he had something to do with Jason’s death.

Well, that puts Veronica in a bad mood. She shows up to cheer practice and challenges Cheryl to a “cheer off” to see who will lead the squad. It’s a little ridiculous and Veronica wins by a landslide. “Never cross a Lodge,” Veronica warns. Then Cheryl fires her friends.

Veronica goes to the lawyer with her theory about Clifford Blossom getting her dad arrested. The reason they won’t go public, though, is that this might make her dad look like a murder suspect. The lawyer then hands Veronica a letter from her dad saying that her mom isn’t innocent either. He threatens her mom if she doesn’t testify on his behalf.

After more investigation, Veronica learns that her family hired Jughead’s dad, Forsythe. Veronica asks the family’s butler if her dad’s a good man. He won’t comment, but he says Hermione’s good. So Veronica tells the lawyer she’ll make the statement. Then she tells Betty that her dad hired Forsythe to trash the drive-in and may have hired him to kill Jason. She wants to help with the investigation and find out the truth. But when she goes home, she gets a package of pearls from her dad.

Happy Birthday Jughead

Archie tells Betty that it’s Jughead’s birthday tomorrow. He likes to keep things private. He just goes to see a movie every year. Betty decides they should all go together. She even calls Jughead’s dad to invite him to dinner and a movie. Forsythe mentions that Jughead has never had a party, so Betty decides to take charge. They all decide to throw the party at Archie’s so they can forget their problems.

Forsythe had said “no” to Betty about the movie, so she goes to see him at his house and asks him to attend Jughead’s birthday party. She thinks it would be “special.”

Alice, meanwhile, had a meeting with the principal and is hired as the newspaper’s adviser. While they’re working, she and Betty eventually talk about relationships. Alice told Mr. Cooper all of her secrets and doubts, and she regrets it. So she cautions Betty not to share everything with Jughead.

At the same time, Archie tells Jughead that he told Betty about his birthday and he feels pretty betrayed. He hates birthdays because he had such a terrible childhood. One day a year they’d pretend things were normal, but that just made him feel lonely.

Chuck and Cheryl Get Revenge

Chuck shows up in the cafeteria and approaches Ethel. And Betty starts to go “dark Betty” on him and tells him to leave her alone. She almost loses it, and literally draws blood in her palms. But she walks away. 

After Veronica took over the River Vixens from Cheryl and Betty confronted Chuck, Cheryl approaches Chuck and says they have mutual enemies going to a party later. They decide to team up and wreak havoc.

The Big Party

Jughead and Betty go to the movies while everyone gets ready for the surprise party. Finally, they arrive, but everyone’s super tense: Archie’s upset about his parents, Veronica’s upset about her parents, Betty’s upset about Chuck, and Jughead’s not into the party. Kevin and Joaquin seem happy though.

Suddenly, Cheryl, Chuck and a whole group of people show up for the party. There goes the inner-circle party they’d planned. Things are about to get crazy.

With everyone just wanting to forget their problems, the party gets out of control fast. Jughead, meanwhile, is just hanging out alone in the garage. Archie argues that Jughead has to deal with this to make his girlfriend happy.

Just then, Forsythe shows up! He notices Kevin and Joaquin making out and pulls Joaquin aside, and Veronica recognizes him as he passes by. Joaquin tells Forsythe about Veronica’s dad being connected to Jason’s murder. Forsythe freaks out and says the kids are more “on the ball” than the sheriff.

Betty sees Chuck and asks him to leave, but he says she ruined his chances to play football in college. He taunts her and she slaps him.

Betty and Jughead also continue to fight and Jughead says that Betty doesn’t care that Jughead doesn’t want this party. He says she just wanted to prove she was a good girlfriend. They’re too different and are just living on borrowed time. She’s the “perfect girl next door” and he’s the “damaged, loner, outsider from the wrong side of the tracks.” He accuses her of making him a project and says she was just waiting for Archie to change his mind.

Things aren’t going any better for Archie. He wants to get back together with Val, but she just wants to be left alone. She even throws a drink in his face. Archie winds up in bed calling his dad.

Secrets and Sins

Jughead tries to leave the party, but Chuck and Cheryl stop him because the group “haven’t played our game yet.” It’s a game called “secrets and sins” to reveal all their secrets. Cheryl calls out Veronica for her dad buying the drive-in land. But then Veronica accuses Cheryl of killing Jason and says she loved him in a non-sisterly way and that she killed him when he chose Polly over her. Dilton then says he saw Ms. Grundy’s car by the river when Jason died. Archie was also there and then Ms. Grundy left her job. Then Chuck announces that Betty drugged him, handcuffed him, and convinced herself she was Polly. Suddenly, Jughead hits him and Forsythe shoves him out of the house and ends the party.

Forsythe tries to convince Jughead to make up with Betty. He could have a life his family could never give him. As Forsythe gets ready to leave, Alice shows up and asks why he’s in their part of their town. But he reveals she used to be from the other side of town too.

Jughead and Betty wind up at Pop’s. Jughead admits he’s not used to people doing nice things for him. He’s scared of being hurt and being rejected. She admits she lied about Chuck and threw Jughead a party he didn’t want because there was something wrong with her. She has a darkness in her and she hurts herself. She shows him her palms.

Back at Archie’s house, Archie admits to Veronica that he drunk-dialed his dad and said not to sign the divorce papers. He keeps wrecking things. Veronica understands because her parents are messed up too. He wonders what would have happened if he left with his mom instead of staying with his dad. But then he wouldn’t have met Veronica. They wind up hooking up.

Veronica wakes up in Archie’s bed the next day while Archie sleeps on the floor. She walks downstairs to find Jughead. Jughead asks Archie about it, but he tells Archie he’s not going to tell anyone “literally anything ever.” Meanwhile, at Betty’s house, Alice brings up Kevin and Joaquin. She thinks it’s more than a coincidence that a Southside Serpent is dating the sheriff’s son.

Do you think Hiram Lodge had something to do with Jason’s death? Was Veronica right to testify? And are you excited to meet Archie’s mom? 

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