In the latest episode of Designated Survivor titled “Party Lines,” President Kirkman forms an unlikely alliance in the hopes of passing his first bill while Agent Ritter is briefed by FBI Agent Hannah Wells about a new alarming threat to the nation.

Hannah informs the President of the plans the potential bombings of The Golden Gate Bridge, The Hoover Dam and the Statue of Liberty. He puts in place evacuation plans for areas near those areas to protect the American people. The President then tells Hannah to take whatever means necessary to find out who is behind this.

The President Looks to Pass His Bill

Senate Bill 8180 to reduce gun violence is introduced. The President commits to work with Republicans, Democrats and Independents together to make sure that background checks are implemented to make illegal guns difficult to acquire.

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Hannah watches a video about Browning Reed, realizing that it was once the go-to military company for the United States. Hannah looks into a conspiracy plot regarding the company that leads back to North Dakota and takes her former boss Jason Atwood with her for backup. Hannah and Jason reach the address for the facility in North Dakota and find there is no building there, that it is a false address they were looking for.

Alex Kirkman hosts victims of gun violence at the White House and Press Secretary Seth asks her to keep her stance neutral when it comes to the bill.

Senator Bowman is going against the President by stating that any effort to interfere against the second amendment rights of Americans would be blocked by him. He also says he has the majority of the Senate behind him. The President’s inner circle works diligently to make his bill pass. They continue to have a fight on their hands to get it to vote.


President Kirkman meets with several key Republicans to try and sway their feelings towards the bill. Emily and Aaron Rekindle their Friendship meeting for a drink together and discuss the possibility of gathering Republicans together to back the President’s bill. He says that there are senators that are looking to have their backs in the house watched, and that if the President is willing to play along, they might be swayed to vote his way.

Hookstratten believes that moderate Republicans in the Senate might vote “yes” for the President’s first bill, but the President is quizzical as to what kind of encouragement she is speaking of. If the Senate gets the bill to the house she vows to work with him to get an amended measure pushed forward. The President calls her courageous to take on Senator Bowman. Hookstraten tells the President she thinks he is doing the right thing with this bill. She later holds a press conference and urges her colleagues in the Senate to pass the bill and get it sent to the house by putting country before party lines.

Is Hookstratten the Key to Passing the Vote?

Senator Dunlop talks with Hookstratten and agrees to vote “yes” on the bill by engaging in a little political give and take. She ends up getting three Republicans to say “yes” in their vote to back Kirkman’s bill.

Senator Bowman sees Alex Kirkman and tries to goad her into leaning towards his side in the gun debate. The senators standing alongside Bowman are impressed by Alex’s integrity in speaking her mind about how she feels about the issue of gun control.

Hannah and Jason Find the Secret Building

Hannah and Jason realize that the building they are looking for is underground. Jason finds a hidden cave. He and Hannah break down the door and enter the building where they find what looks to be a cold war time capsule. Hannah finds a series of bombs that look like the ones used to blow up the Capitol building and realizes that where they are standing is a silo of bombs just waiting to be detonated.

The Senate comes together for the vote on 8180. A surprise vote from several key house members including Senator Vanderberg passes the first bill of the new administration by a margin of 51-49. The bill will now move to the house where Hookstratten promises to get it passed.

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