In “Ramifications,” Quentin finally finds a way to bring Alice back to one, semi-sane piece. Penny finishes his quest by finding the book that can be used to destroy gods, and Julia finally holds Reynard’s life in her hands.

Alice’s Return and Eliot’s Problem

Julia and Quentin realign their sights on resurrecting Alice’s niffin with the help of her freshly recovered shade from the depths of Elysium. They find a power source in the form of a magical battery, one strong enough to power the spell they would need to resurrect Alice. They turn to the owner of the magical Duracell, uber Brakebills professor Mayakovsky, to help reunite Alice’s niffin with her shade, who has taken shelter inside Julia. Trapping the shade and the insane, crazy niffin inside a magical cage, they blend together into one, explosive entity, which results in a fully formed Alice, naked and silent, but in one piece.  

Eliot, still banished from Fillory, asks for Quentin’s help in returning to his throne amongst his magical and anthropomorphic subjects. Quentin knows the location of the first doorway to Fillory and it lies in the clock he saw during his Brakebills admissions. Quentin and Eliot track down the clock to a grown adult obsessed with Fillory, just like Quentin. Except he isn’t obsessed with FIllory, he’s been to Fillory and beyond that, he’s Umbra, another one of the magical bulls who preside over the magical balance in Fillory. While Eliot and Quentin try to convince Umbra to return to his homeland, the Lorian soldiers storm a vacant castle in search of their king, Eliot’s soon to be husband. After an emotional plea, Eliot wins Umbra’s approval and so the clock is theirs, setting Eliot up to return and conquer Fillory.

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Operation Reynard

Penny and Kady find a loophole into the poison room, not through a door, but a fountain for the poison resides through a portal. Penny finds the book he’s been searching for, but his sidekick seems to be deteriorating in the poison room, a knowing sacrifice she made so that Penny can survive.  

Julia, still apologetic for her shadeless actions, aims to heal her relationship with Kady who is harboring a major chip on her shoulder, which brings Julia back into the Reynard plot. Julia is informed of Reynard’s past with Persephone, the god Julia used to worship, and conspire a plan to use his jaded emotions and his son to lure him into a trap. Reynard’s son, acting on the behest of Julia and company, goes to bait Reynard, only to find out he already killed his wife, knowing his son has betrayed him. Reynard’s son makes a harsh decision, forcing Kady to perform the ritual to strip him of his powers so that they can be used to meld a weapon to defeat his father, killing him in the process.

Tricking Reynard into believing Persephone has touched down on Earth once again, Kady and Julia lure him into an open field, hoping to shoot him with their god-killing bullet. But just as Julia gets a clear shot, Persephone touches down for real, altering the course of the fight. It turns out Persephone is Reynard’s mother, not an ex-lover, and pleads with Julia to spare her son’s life, despite the terrible things he’s done. Julia spares him and in return, as a gift for her kindness, Persephone gifts Julia her shade.  

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