A little silliness and frivolity is usually a good thing. But when folks refuse to get their crap together, after a while, it stops being cute and starts getting a little frustrating. These characters are among those folks who just refuse to grow up. Sometimes their harmless immaturity makes them whimsical and fun-loving, but other times it’s dangerous and self-destructive. But either way, these TV characters need to do a little soul searching.

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Tyrion Lannister – Game of Thrones


He may have emerged as a real contender for the leader of the Seven Kingdoms, but he certainly still acts like a teenager. He’s never made a secret about his love for his vices. He enjoys the company of the ladies, a good stiff drink and lots of clever banter. 

Raj Koothrappali – The Big Bang Theory


Even though he’s a successful scientist, he still relies pretty heavily on the financial support of his parents. He could probably live a pretty comfortable life on his own, but he’s wants the life his rich parents have always afforded him. He’s always had a hard time sustaining an adult relationship, and maybe it’s because he’s always been so dependent on his parents. 

Kevin Pearson – This Is Us


As the least level-headed of the Pearson clan, it seems like Kevin has been babied his whole life. Everyone has to take care of him, and he acts like he deserves it. Maybe it’s because he’s an actor, or maybe it’s because he’s never really had to grow up, but he’s a perpetual Peter Pan. 

Nick Miller – New Girl


Nick lives the live of a disheveled, unorganized teenager. He’s pretty much a train wreck in all areas of his life. His room is a mess, he keeps his receipts in a shoe box and he constantly has a stain on his shirt. He’s a chaotic tornado that will suck up everything in his path, and he doesn’t have the emotional fortitude to understand the consequences on other folks. 

Rebecca Bunch – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


Rebecca seems like she has it all together. An Ivy League graduate, successful lawyer, a sweet group of girlfriends. But she’s a mess. It’s not the mark of a mature person to completely lose your own identity when you fall in love with someone. Or to totally turn your life over to another, uproot your entire existence to chase an old boyfriend or act like an insane person when things don’t go your way. She has a long way to go before she’s reached full emotional maturity.

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Alex Karev – Grey’s Anatomy 


Alex certainly has come a long way since we first met him. However, he continues to be rash, illogical and sometimes just downright bratty. I swear sometimes it seems like he’s actually going to stomp his foot and hold his breath. Instead, he just exacts his tantrum on others, often resorting to physical violence. He might be the only stabilizing force in Meredith’s life, but I can’t say he’s the best influence. 

Andre Johnson – Black-ish


His immaturity might be more on the harmless side. Sure, he’s the head of a sweet family, with four mostly well-adjusted children. But he’s kind of like a fifth child to his wife Rainbow. He’s selfish, short-sighted and often creates messes that she has to bail him out of. He just can’t seem to ever be the bigger person and has very little insight into his own behavior. 

Max Black – 2 Broke Girls


At some point, making jokes about your vagina and stealing toilet paper from your job has to get old. It’s the natural order of things to want to do better for yourself, but Max seems to continue to make decisions that are in direct opposition to her best interest. She’s definitely fun and keeps it pretty real, but eventually you have to decide to do better. 

Jake Peralta – Brooklyn Nine Nine


It’s a little unsettling that someone so immature and silly could be patrolling the streets protecting and serving our community. I don’t think I would trust Jake to watch my cat for the weekend, much less protect an entire city. Thank goodness he’s better at his job than being an adult because otherwise New York City would be in big trouble. 

Jimmy O’Neal – The Real O’Neals


I guess I can cut him a break since he really is still just a kid. I can’t hold him accountable for too much of his behavior now, but he doesn’t really seem the type to reach any real sort of awareness. Even though he’s a senior in high school, it seems like he has the mentality of a grade schooler. Hopefully college will cure him of all his immature nonsense. 

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Hakeem Lyon – Empire


As the youngest of three brothers, and the son of a very, very rich media mogul, he really has the maturity cards stacked against him. Prone to tantrums, erratic behavior and bouts of excess, he seems like he might just be stuck in this phase forever. It doesn’t help that he’s surrounded by the richest, most beautiful people in the world. Who would want to grow up if you could live like that forever?

Which other characters do you think will never grow up? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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