The last night of the duels on Rising Star brings some forgettable performances, but a few manage to step up to the plate. Let’s see who will advance to the Round of 13.

Morgan Higgins (“Edge of Glory”) vs. Mannepat Molloy (“Gravity”)

It’s a battle of teenagers: the experts worry Morgan takes too long to get into the song. I worry the song is too big for her — and yep, it is. It doesn’t help that I absolutely do not remember her. It’s been rare that the first singer gets a no, but she does from Luda. However, Brad voted no last time, but he says yes now. She only musters ups 45%.

The only real impressive part of Mannepat’s performance is that she holds a note for a really, really, really long time. But the performance is just cheesy, completely pitchy throughout and way overdone. But she advances with 66%. Wow, that was just an unpleasant duel.

Shameia Crawford (“Cry Me A River”) vs. Unselfish (“Payphone”)

As one of the singers saved by the West Coast, she’s worried that her hometown competitors will have the advantage because they’re a four-part harmony. Well, this is certainly not a song anyone expected her to sing, but she really settles into it and keeps soaring until the end. The arrangement is really cool. She says she wanted to go first because the wall was raised, but she would’ve raised the wall regardless at 69%.

Unselfish didn’t raise the wall the first time and it’s going to be sad if they don’t again. Coming on the heels of a powerful vocal, this slower sleepy performance just doesn’t cut it. Bad song choice. 33%.

Dana Williams (“Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”) vs. Audrey Kate Geiger (“Make You Feel My Love”)

There’s this effortless ease with the runs in her voice, but she doesn’t seem so emotionally engaged as her eyes dart around everywhere. The guitar-playing is nice, and her voice is nice … it’s all just nice and somewhat forgettable, but she does have a nice ending note. 67% will be hard to beat…

But Audrey gives a very strong performance, starting a cappella and staying consistent throughout. Brad gets her in at the first verse and then stands the rest of the way. It’s understated and it’s one of those “less is more” performances. Her unique tone really shines here where I thought it didn’t work at times in her audition. She gets through with 88%. 

Karen Hornsby (“(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman”) vs. Joshua Peavy (“Too Close”)

She has some good moments, great moments and some not-so-good moments. Mainly, the song is big for her, but the fans seem to be cheering for her because she gets 67%.

The best part of this show is watching Luda’s reactions during performances because he’s really into it, feeling it and his head’s like a bobblehead. Now here’s a performance where going second definitely brings out the best in a singer because he really puts it all out there for Joshua. Kesha gets booed heavily for voting no, but it doesn’t matter because 75% means Joshua is through.


Like the first week of Duels, this was a close race as two of the losers tied with their percentages from East Coast viewers. Here are the West Coast results for the four Duel losers:

Morgan Higgins: 45%
Unselfish: 30%
Dana Williams: 69%
Karen Hornsby: 66%

Dana Williams will be the final member in the Round of 13.

Next week, the 13 remaining singers will perform — and five will go home.

Rising Star airs Sundays at 9pm on ABC.

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Esther Gim

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV