Hell’s Kitchen will crown the Season 12 winner tonight and it will either be Jason or Scott. While Jason has always had confidence, it is only lately that Scott has stepped up to the bat. Who will win? Only an hour to go before we find out. 

And We’re Off

After reminding us of all the challenges, fights, and rewards that Ramsay put the chefs through this season, Jason and Scott square off. Both have the drive, both want to win, but who will be the strongest?

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Okay, folks! I just lost my satellite signal so I’ll recap what I can when the worst of the storm passes. After a 20 minutes delay, we are back with the contest going strong between Jason and Scott on the “Battle of the Signature” dishes. Both dishes seem to have won favor, but it seems like Scott has a slight edge going into the final (or what I consider a slight edge). Well, Scott wins the challenge and gets first choice of the returning chefs. It’s up to Scott whether this is good or bad thing. Scott’s team will be: Chris, Ralph (what?), Jessica, Rochelle, and Kashia. Jason’s team will be Sandra, Melanie, Anton, Joy and Gabriel. Scott is a perfectionist who gives consideration to detail which makes Jessica and Rochelle nervous. Jason, on the other hand, is flying by the seat of his pants and has Sandra to deal with.

The Final Service

JP opens Hell Kitchen for a night that will make either Scott or Jason’s career. The rich and famous are again in attendance in both the restaurant and the kitchen. While Scott’s appetizers go out fast, Jason seems to be using the bully technique to get his point across. Scott believes in quality control, and is pushing his team to get the correct food out. Jason is just wondering where Sandra is hiding. Wow! Sandra is now arguing with Ramsay. Where did that come from? Jason sees her as sabotaging his chance of winning. When she tries to serve refried crab cakes, he sees red and sends her back to redo the dish. Well, at least she admits she doesn’t care.

Meanwhile Scott is having his own share of trouble with Jessica on garnishes. She’s messing up the station and has slowed the kitchen down to a standstill. When she messes up the VIP table for a second time, Scott sends her from the kitchen in tears. He has definitely been training under Gordon Ramsay. Rochelle takes the station over, and the dishes fly out. Jason has Gabriel messing up steaks, but he refuses to listen to Ramsay’s call for change. Jason makes Gabriel push through with a whole team while Scott is down a man. Both teams successfully serve their chef’s tables and the dining room.

Ramsay has to decide who wins, and he has much to consider. After much thought, Ramsay calls both remaining contestants together and tells them it was a difficult choice. He tells Scott he’s definitely good at creating dishes and artistic presentations. Jason is consistent and mature. Ramsay has made a decision and they are told to step up to their respective doors. Will it be Jason or Scott? We’re reminded that a quarter million dollar salary is at stake. They turn the handle and the winner is… Scott!

As Scott descends to the dining room, Ramsay tells Jason that he did a great job and it was a tough decision. Jason tells us that Scott deserves to win (gracious isn’t he?) and that he’s happy for him. As Scott celebrates, he doesn’t forget those who helped serve (even Jessica) and his family. Jessica cries as he hugs her neck. Even Andi wipes away a tear tonight.

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Final Thoughts on Season 12

I am sincerely glad that Scott won. Scott deserves the win as he was the underdog throughout the entire season of Hell’s Kitchen. He’s made the hard choices (like sending Jessica out of the kitchen) and rallied his troop when they were a man down. I think Scott won because he was willing to make these choices for the good of his customers.

Well, that concludes Season 12. Gordon Ramsay will return earlier in the fall, so we won’t be without Hell’s Kitchen for too long. He’s looking for chefs, so we better be ready. It’s going to be another wild ride. Thanks for tuning in! 

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Linda Martindale

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