On Big Brother 16, the Power of Veto has been used every week, whether it’s won by a nominee, the HoH or someone else. The backdoor is very popular this year, so will that streak continue?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

HoH Frankie nominated Jocasta and Victoria. HoH Zach nominated Christine and Nicole. Christine and Nicole won the Battle of the Block, dethroning Zach. Christine, Donny and Hayden were picked to play in the PoV along with Frankie, Victoria and Jocasta.

Hayden won the Power of Veto!

When the live feeds came back, Hayden was in the HoH room, telling Frankie that he’s going to use it to save Victoria (she picked him to play with HG’s Choice). Frankie explained that he’s comfortable backdooring Amber, but only if Caleb is on board (he’s worried about Caleb coming after him if it’s a double eviction). Caleb runs hot or cold, but lately he’s been cooling on Amber, so turning him against her shouldn’t be that hard. But if Caleb isn’t on board and blows up, Frankie might backdoor him instead.

If this works out, it means all five remaining female HGs will have been nominated this week and there’s a good chance Amber will be evicted.

Also, as a result of the PoV, it sounds like Jocasta is now on slop. The Have-Nots also received their extra food for the week: Fish Pizza. They have gluten-free pizza crust as well as canned clams and sardines.

It’s been a surreal few days in the Big Brother 16 house. On Wednesday, Frankie learned that his grandfather passed away. On Thursday, Frankie and Zach won HoH and Zach went drunk with power, starting a war with Christine by throwing her under the bus. And on Friday, besides the nominations and Battle of the Block, Derrick learned that his grandfather has died as well.

Things remained relatively quiet after that second death, with Frankie keeping Zach locked away in his HoH room so he can’t stir up any more trouble. There was a lot of talk about wanting to backdoor Zach (mostly from Christine, Nicole and Amber), but Frankie has worked hard to make peace so he isn’t put in that awkward position. In fact, after the PoV competition, Zach and Christine seemed to make peace with Frankie as the moderator. Crisis diverted.


-This is the first PoV competition for Frankie, Hayden and Jocasta, meaning everyone in the house has played in at least one.

-Once again, a man has won a competition, bringing the grand total to 12 out of 15. And of the three competitions women have won, one was only against other women (Amber’s week 2 HoH) and one was the PoV Victoria won last week, though Caleb actually won the competition and simply refused to take the PoV from her.

-With this win, all eight male HGs this season have won either HoH or PoV at least once.

-Between HoH, PoV and BotB, Victoria has played in the most competitions, 11 out of 15. She’s followed by Donny with 10 and Jocasta with 9.

-Frankie, Derrick and Cody are tied for the fewest competitions with just six each.

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