Last night was a Real Housewives of New York City season finale for the ages that concluded with Aviva Drescher throwing her prosthetic leg on the table and then hurling it at Heather Thomson. Now, after watching the episode after living it, Aviva explains her actions.

“There were three shrews attacking me and I wanted them to shut the f**k up and I figured if I slam my leg on the table, that will work. And it did!” Aviva told Bravo.

Although she was obviously expecting a reaction from her co-stars, she was a little offended at how some of them acted at seeing her fake leg on the table.

“What I find very interesting for some people, the sight of someone’s handicap is revolting and I’ve been trying to raise awareness that people with prosthetics aren’t different,” she said. “It seems like Kristen’s honest reaction — when she said she wanted to vomit — is very, very telling. What did they think, the leg was going to slither across the table and kick them?”

Although her leg toss created quite the frenzy, she doesn’t regret how she handled the situation at all.

“I don’t [feel embarrassed],” Aviva said. “I was trying to make a point. I was being attacked all season. I mean, I’m not complaining about it. But they were grating on my nerves and questioning my truth about a health issue.”

Her co-stars are skeptical, believing that Aviva’s leg toss was a little more planned and a little less emotional reaction.

Heather said last night on Watch What Happens Live¬†that she thinks she’s been planning it for two years. And Kristen Taekman seems to agree with that theory.

“Aviva insisted that we all sit down. Fishy,” Kristen wrote on her Bravo blog. “I am convinced she had this planned out for sometime. It just felt way too orchestrated.”

Whatever the true explanation is, they’re sure to cover it at the reunion.

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(Image and videos courtesy of Bravo)

Gina Pusateri

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV