Lucifer has left the building … again. The Vince Vincente version of Lucifer had a good run in the first half of Supernatural season 12 but the former Lord of Hell has left his newest vessel in search of yet another meat puppet. Now that he has left the show (at least for the moment — this is Supernatural and anything can happen) the latest actor to play Lucifer, Rick Springfield, has opened up about the role. In an interview with, Springfield talked about how he signed up for the role, how he saw his version of Lucifer and his favorite scene to play during his run. 

3 Reasons We’ll Miss the Vince Vincente Version of Lucifer on Supernatural>>> Despite Supernatural‘s long run and passionate fan base, Springfield had never seen the show before signing on to play Lucifer. “I don’t watch TV,” he explained. “I have ADD and can’t sit still that long or focus on passive viewing for over 5 minutes but I had certainly heard of the show. It’s been on for 12 seasons, so obviously they’re doing something the fans like.” 

It’s not that unusual for an actor to not watch the show they are joining but it is a bit unique for how Springfield landed the part. “They just contacted me and asked me if I’d do it. I read the first script and said I was in,” the singer-turned-actor explained. “I was in Italy on vacation, and it meant flying from Milan to New York to LAX to another terminal and then fly straight to Vancouver (a 23-hour journey), but I did it anyway. It made me meaner.”

Springfield didn’t just channel the grumpiness from his long journey to play the role of Lucifer. He explained that he was more than naturally prepared to play the former Lord of Hell. “I have enough darkness, neediness, rejection, anger and entitlement inside me, so it was just a matter of clicking into that,” he said talking about how he prepared to play Lucifer. “I tried to play him as the angry/righteous/abandoned child.”

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That combination of anger, righteousness and abandonment also led to Springfield’s favorite scene of his version of Lucifer. “I think the last scene which is quite a long monologue (by TV standards) while he is falling apart and the human body is dying,” Springfield said after being asked to give his favorite scene. 

“I wanted to not just play him as an angry, superior spirit,” Springfield added. “I really wanted to show his feeling of being abandoned by his father and I worked a lot on finding where that final scene would go. It’s so easy for an actor just to hit one level (anger, pain, joy) and carry that through the whole scene but Lucifer is a seriously f**ked up ( by human standards) entity, yet intelligent and more aware than anybody of what could have been for him. I don’t know if I achieved what I wanted, but I gave it my best shot. I think Lucifer deserves that.”

So what do you think? How do you feel about Springfield’s portrayal of Lucifer? How does it rank compared to some other actors? Did you see everything in his performance that Springfield wanted in Lucifer’s final scene as Vince Vincente? 

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