Alex and Ryan’s relationship has been the one rock of Quantico, but after recent twists and revelations, where could this be headed? Given that the series ratings have declined so steadily, would it be conceivable to try to fix the pair, especially given that season 3 could possibly not happen? Or should Quantico stray from the norm and split these two up for good?

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Recent Revelations

The Quantico mid-season finale left viewers with a big shock, yet it wasn’t a totally inexplicable twist: Ryan is a member of the AIC, or rather the terrorist group that is holding the President hostage and murdered the First Lady.

Given that this is one of the most intense betrayals Alex has experienced, could she ever trust him again? It’s highly unlikely that Ryan is a true member fighting for the cause, given that the flashbacks in season 2 episode 8 at the farm focused on going undercover and what you would give up to fool the person you love the most.

Ryan and Alex have been a constant, even when they weren’t together. Their connection has been prevalent since the pilot episode when they both lied to each other, slept together and then ended up at Quantico. They’re so alike in some ways, but in others they couldn’t be more different.

Their Ever-Evolving Relationship

Many fans are still rooting for Parrish and Booth, but many aren’t. Ryan’s role in Alex’s life after she was framed for the bombing made viewers question his true commitment and love for her. Even after she was proven to be innocent, he still treated Alex like dirt as she was being blackmailed by Liam.

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Reuniting eventually, the duo started off strong as ever in season 2, but how long could that last when they were basically competing against each other at the farm? Ryan sees Alex’s hero complex and public status as something that towers over him and his insecurity probably led him to being a member in the AIC. Not only is he more concerned with being undercover, but he’s also insecure after being fooled for so long by his mentor and being overshadowed by his girlfriend with far less training than himself.

The back-and-forth between the two is already growing tiresome just after one season, but should viewers really be surprised? The plot is basically a repeat of the previous season, so the series has grown tiresome in a way altogether.

Should Alex and Ryan End up Together, or Is That Too Predictable?

If Quantico wants to stay around then they’ve set up the perfect situation to break from the mold. Sure, the betrayal of a trusted member of Alex’s life is too close to Liam’s, but a real shock would be Ryan actually being a bad guy, too. We’re all expecting him to be undercover, as well as Miranda and Nimah.

It’s a predictable course of action that the series is all too familiar with. Quantico has to deliver truly shocking moments and start being creative to again be must-watch TV, and perhaps that starts with Alex and Ryan separating for good.

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What do you think? Are Ryan and Alex the only reason you’re watching Quantico, or do you think their on-again off-again relationship is dragging the series (and the ratings) down? What can the series do to regain enough viewers to get a season 3? Leave a comment below!

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