Previously on The Vampire Diaries, Bonnie was able to get Enzo to turn his “humanity switch” back on, Damon still continued to struggle with the hold Sybil and Cade have over him, and Selene kidnapped Caroline and Alaric’s twins.

This episode “Detoured on Some Random Backwoods Path to Hell” is all about getting the girls back. Everyone seems to have their own plan. Let’s see which one actually works.

Alaric’s Plan: I Will Find You, and I Will Kill You

The police are at Alaric’s house looking for clues. Caroline tries to make their jobs really easy. She hands over a recent picture of the girls, as well as a sketch of Sybil. It seems Alaric could have made things easier a whole lot sooner, as well. He calls Selene, and surprisingly she picks up on the first ring. She won’t tell him where they are so he goes full-on Liam Neeson on her. He threatens to hunt her down and kill her.

Enzo and Bonnie spent the night “reconnecting” and are completely oblivious to the events that have taken place. Bonnie wakes up to a bunch of notifications from Caroline. (Pro tip, Bonnie, set Caroline up as an emergency contact in your phone that way her calls get pushed through even if your phone is on “Do Not Disturb.”) Enzo gets a call from an unknown number. He answers, and immediately regrets it. It’s Sybil. She Sirens him through the phone, immediately dropping him to his knees. 

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Stefan shows up to the house. He wants to help Caroline. She tells him he can’t go. If Damon gets in the way of her getting the girls back she’s going to kill him. She tells Stefan that he is only a distraction to her right now. She gives him his engagement ring saying they can’t be together until everything is back to normal. Stefan agrees to stay back, but we can already see the wheels spinning as he thinks of a plan of his own.

Matt walks in telling them he thinks he has a slight trace of where the Sirens are. (I’m not sure how you have a slight trace, but we’ll go with it. Matt has to be useful somehow, right?)

Selene’s Plan: Trading In for New, Younger Models

Selene, the twins, Sybil, and Damon are all at a diner in the middle of nowhere. Sybil lets everyone know how much she loves bacon, while Sybil let’s everyone in on her plan for the twins. She intends to offer them to Cade in exchange for her and Sybil’s freedom.

Meanwhile, back in Mystic Falls, Bonnie shows up up at the Salvatore mansion with Enzo. She needs help figuring out what’s going on. Matt suggests Stefan uses his psychic abilities to get inside his head. Stefan is able to find out that Sybil is subconsciously torturing Enzo. She has him strapped to a gurney with his stomach ripped open and is slicing away tiny slivers of his insides. He’s being tortured subconsciously, and feeling the effects of it all. While Stefan is watching all of this, he catches a quick glimpse of Sybil devouring a strip of bacon. He comes back to reality and tells Matt to start looking up all of the diners in nearby areas.

Damon (along with everyone else in the restaurant) gets an Amber Alert notification his phone. Selene didn’t really think her plan through all that well. They all hit the road. Damon has a lot of questions. He wants to know why Selene thinks Cade will accept her trade offer. She explains that the girls have a rare, powerful gift, and it’s even better that they’re so young. They have young, impressionable minds which Cade can control more easily. The only way any of it works is if Cade’s mercenaries choose to follow him. 

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The Difference Between a Plan and a Proposal

Alaric and Caroline finally make their way to the diner, but they’re too late. Selene has already compelled everyone to leave. Lucky for them though, they receive a call from Matt who has found the body of the policeman Sybil killed after hitting a literal roadblock.

Damon wants to meet Cade. He asks Sybil for help with his own plan. Stefan is still trying to figure out how to save Enzo. He goes back into his mind. While he’s in there, he gets restless and attacks Sybil. She tells him that Damon has an offer.

Stefan sends Alaric and Caroline on a wild goose chase. She becomes upset when she realizes Stefan has cut her out of the plan. Alaric becomes upset too, but he takes it out on Caroline unnecessarily. He reminds her that she is not the mother of his children, and he’ll be taking them away when this is all done. He tells her that she isn’t safe, she only attracts darkness. That’s pretty harsh, Alaric, but also true.

Stefan shows up to the real meeting place. Sybil has setup a welcoming committee for him. She wants him to be vulnerable when he meets Cade. Suddenly, Stefan is staked in the stomach. Guys start coming out of nowhere, attacking him. He is able to defend himself without actually hurting anyone — at least not until they bring in the muscle. Damon tells Stefan to turn around. A huge guy is coming after him. It’s either kill or be killed. Stefan has to defend himself and eventually ends up stabbing the guy in the neck. Now he can see the twins, but only if he accepts the terms of Damon’s offer first.

Selene is proposing her deal with Cade, but Sybil interrupts. She has something even better. She wants to give him Stefan and Damon. Cade is intrigued. He ends up accepting the deal. Selene thinks she’s free too, but apparently there was some fine print that she didn’t read in the contract. Sybil’s deal with Cade does not include Selene. Sybil is really bitter that Selene never came to rescue her from the vault — she cut her out of the Cade deal completely. Ouch.

Meanwhile, Caroline and Alaric are reunited with the girls. Alaric apologizes for the things he said to Caroline, but she tells him he was right. She’s not their mother, and she does bring darkness. She tells him to take the girls as far away as possible.

Stefan and Caroline reconnect. He gives her his engagement ring back before letting her know the conditions of the deal he’s made with the devil himself. He tells her he accepted the deal on the condition that he get to spend his last 24 hours with her. It’s a tough day for Caroline. She lost her family, found her family, lost her family again, and now she’s losing Stefan too.

Matt and Alaric’s Plan: Kill Damon

Alaric goes to thank Matt for everything he did to help find the girls. They have a small bonding session about how messed up their lives are constantly having to battle the forces of evil. They end up finding Damon sitting in a bar and attack him. They both shoot him before Alaric shoves a knife in Damon’s chest, effectively desecrating him.

The next episode should be quite interesting. There are a lot of angry people, and it’s christmastime in Mystic Falls!

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