Well, the ladies of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have been sparring for two reunion episodes so far. Now for the final part, it’s time to find out who wins the battle of the reunion.

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Brandi vs. Lisa

There hasn’t been a whole lot of Brandi against Lisa yet in the first two parts of the reunion, so we had to expect it would be covered in part three, and as you might have guessed, it’s a doozy. 

Brandi tells host Andy Cohen that she can’t pinpoint the part in their relationship where things went wrong, but it mostly revolves around Scheana Marie, one of Lisa’s waitresses at SUR (and star of Vanderpump Rules) who also slept with Brandi’s ex-husband while they were still married. Brandi accuses Lisa of manipulating a master plan to get the two of them in the same room to cause drama. Why she would cause said drama, she doesn’t dare to conjecture. Either that or it’s just a stupid thing to say.

Lisa rolls her eyes and calls the whole thing preposterous. She says that Bravo production wanted Scheana at the events she worked and it wasn’t for some evil scheme. Brandi also accuses her of being “too strategic” because Lisa would call her every day so they could discuss how they would act on the show. She says that Lisa told her how to act in seasons past and that she manipulated Brandi into doing and saying things that she wouldn’t have normally done. Lisa says that’s absurd; even she can’t manipulate such a strong woman.

Round one goes to: Lisa

Brandi has found every non-reason to be mad at Lisa. And it’s just tiresome.

Kyle vs. Lisa

Boy, did Kyle come ready to play. She must have been practicing her arguments in the mirror for days before the reunion taping.

She jumps on Brand’s argument about Lisa being too strategic, saying that they too would talk strategy when they were still friends. And she thinks that Lisa was planning to “take her down” when she brought up the rumors about Maurcio cheating on camera. Lisa claims she said outright that she didn’t believe the rumors, and only brought it up on camera to diminish the story. Kyle does get an apology out of Lisa, though. So what she lacked in logic, she made up for in perseverance.

Round two goes to: Kyle

Any time you can get Lisa Vanderpump to admit that she is not, in fact, flawless, it’s a victory.

Brandi vs. Lisa (Again)

Brandi continues to express that she does not want to be friends with someone who is friends with the woman who broke up her marriage. Lisa keeps repeating that Scheana is her employee, not her friend, but Brandi points out how close the two seem on Vanderpump Rules. Lisa insists that’s all for the show, and the show is the same reason she can’t just fire Scheana.

Brandi admits that seeing Lisa be friends with Scheana is like being cheated on all over again, because she loves Lisa like family. She asks who Lisa would save from a burning building, her or Scheana, and when Lisa is unable to answer (she wouldn’t let any of her waitresses burn alive, darling!), Brandi thinks that she has her answer. Put simply, she wanted Lisa to say she would choose Brandi over her ex’s mistress. And she didn’t. But Lisa does apologize for having Scheana around so much, and says it would have been decent of her to give Brandi a heads-up while she was around.

Round three goes to: Brandi

As much as I hate to give her any credit, it’s not cool to be so tight with someone who has caused one of your good friends so much pain. It’s like, the rules of feminism.

Lisa vs. Mauricio

While Mauricio appreciates Ken standing up for him, saying that he absolutely didn’t think the rumors about him cheating on Kyle were true, he’s not so pleased with Lisa, who was more skeptical. Lisa maintains that she didn’t think the rumors were true, but she could never know anything “for sure” about what goes on in someone else’s marriage.

Mauricio also didn’t like how Lisa made a joke about him “being with a younger woman,” referring to their five year-old daughter, Portia. He didn’t think it was funny or appropriate.

Round four goes to: Draw

It might have been over the line for Lisa to make that joke, but she’s still entitled to make her own opinion about the gossip in the tabloids. 

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Brandi vs. Ken

First off, points to Ken for apologizing to Kim for making comments on her sobriety and to Yolanda for calling her stupid before being asked by Andy about it.

But Ken’s not feeling apologetic toward Brandi, and nor should he be. He says over the last few years, the Vanderpump-Todds have been so supportive of Branid, and when she started to act nasty to them, they made the decision to pull away. He says that he doesn’t think he could ever let her back into their lives.

Brandi starts to cry more than she did at any point she was fighting with Lisa. She says that she “doesn’t want to be let back in,” although she obviously does. She also says that “It hurts to be dropped.” Which is weird because she’s the one who started this war in the first place.

Round five goes to: Ken

Ken eases up a bit after seeing Brandi cry. Poor guy. It’s not his fault that Brandi has daddy issues oozing from every pore.

Victor: Kim Richards!

Look, this season hasn’t exactly been a barrel of laughs. Like this three-part reunion, the light-hearted moments have been few and far between. But the silver lining is that Kim is sober and learning to deal with her problems in a healthy and happy way. Plus, she just really loves turtles.

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