Jules Wainstein revealed her struggle with her eating disorder on The Real Housewives of New York City and now she’s sharing more details about her battle with anorexia.

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“I was swimming competitively in Florida, two-hour practices before school and after school, six days a week,” the RHONYC newbie told People of how her eating disorder started in high school. “I loved the discipline, I loved the schedule. I was comfortable that way.”

The Hong Korn-born socialite quit swimming around the age of 17 and eventually felt “out of control,” resulting to her extreme calorie-counting. 

“I remember keeping a journal, counting my calories, what I ate,” said Wainstein, who restricted her intake to between 800-1000 a day. “I would make like a list of things that I would eat and add up every meal, every calorie.”

“I knew I had a problem from the beginning,” she added. “I thought I could fix it myself, but it just got worse.”  

According to  Wainstein, her anorexia transitioned to bulimia in college. 

“It just consumed my entire life,” said  Wainstein, who dropped to 80 lbs at one point. “I had no energy, I was always tired. I was depressed, I slept a lot. I was not very social.”

At the age of 23,  Wainstein entered a treatment center to seek help.

“They make you hit rock bottom there,” she explained. “It wasn’t like: ‘Look at this raisin, how does the raisin make you feel?’ It was like: ‘This is what you did to your family, this is how you made your family feel, this is what you’re doing to your body.’ I mean, I cried every day in the beginning.” 

“I realized I was making my body childlike because I couldn’t face the responsibilities of the real world,” she added. After months in recovery, “you start to appreciate life and your body and you realize what you have – and then you build yourself up from there.” 

“Slowly my body started to change – I gained weight. My body formed into an adult figure,” she revealed. “It was really incredible.” 

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