On the last episode of Survivor: Kaoh Rong, the majority alliance finally got rid of the remaining villain of the season, guaranteeing they would move forward in a solid five. But Tai rocked the vote when he voted for Michele (twice!) instead. Luckily, he still has an idol in his pocket to protect himself for one more vote. This is the last episode before the finale. Let’s see who comes up just short.

Who’s on the Bottom

After the Tribal Council, Tai says he’s in shock. Joe tries to explain to him that the alliance didn’t want Jason around and that it was nothing personal.

Tai tries to backpedal his votes for Michele but he does a terrible job. He basically reiterates what he said at Tribal Council when he said that she wasn’t part of his alliance. She reminds him calmly that she was in this alliance before he was, and he’s yet to prove himself to be a loyal ally.

Tai especially feels betrayed by Aubry because he thought he could trust her but then she “pulled a fast one” on him. She says that she left him out of the vote because the other people in the alliance felt like they didn’t have a voice, but in her confessional, she says that she was just trying to reclaim some of the power that Tai held in the game. Aubry realizes that might have been a mistake because now he feels betrayed and doesn’t know where that leaves them. It’s especially dangerous considering his idol.

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Spa Reward

The Survivors have to race through the jungle and climb a wooden ladder to collect bags of sand. Then they have to launch these sandbags at targets. The first on to finish, wins a night away at a Survivor spa.

It’s between Cydney and Aubry the entire challenge as no one else even really comes close. But those two run out of sandbags to toss, which means that they have to wait for everyone else to run out of bags before they can go collect the ones on the course. Then Tai and Michele run out too, which means only Joe has bags left.

They’re all left in the position where they’re waiting for Joe to get his bags and then use them. He takes his time running through the jungle and then tossing his bags. He wins it with his last two bags as the rest of the tribe cheers him on. Good for you Joe! Getting it done at 71.

In Survivor tradition, Joe gets to pick another member to join him. Joe doesn’t hesitate to pick Aubry to join them. But then they have to pick a third person and instead of picking Tai (and his idol) Aubry convinces Joe to pick Cydney.

At the reward, Joe, Cydney and Aubry talk about the possibility of a final three. Joe runs his mouth about how Aubry is the only threat to win and that Cydney should just be happy to make it to the finals. Aubry realizes that that is some baloney, and she says so in her confessional. But suddenly, a light goes off in her head. She realizes that Cydney is a big threat and that she may be better off going to the end with Tai.

Meanwhile, Cydney just plans on staying quiet, keeping her options open and making whatever decision she needs to make that will get her closer to the million.

Back at camp, Tai is worried that things are going to be awkward with Michele, but Michele goes to work right away. They have a heart-to-heart and they come to an understanding that maybe they have been misjudging each other all along.

Tai confides in Michele that he has an idol. So, who will they vote for next? They think Cydney would probably be their best option, but Tai is still worried about moving forward with Aubry after the last vote.

Mending Fences

Tai wakes up the next day and he’s really struggling. Survivor is the hardest thing he’s ever done and it’s really taking an emotional toll on him.

When Aubry gets back from her reward she knows she has some work to do with Tai. She assures him that they’re in it together until the end and says that they need to just put one foot in front of the other. Then Tai has another emotional breakdown. He starts to cry but Aubry comforts him. She tells him that he needs to take a deep breath and take time for his own mental health.

It’s nice to see that settled, but Cydney sees Aubry and Tai having a close conversation and that makes her nervous. She checks in with Michele and the two of them assure each other that they’re solid. They hope they can swing Tai to vote for Aubry or Joe at the next vote.

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Tummy Trouble

Joe’s having some issues digesting the food from his reward. He has some discomfort in his stomach and he thinks it’s enlarging his prostate which is keeping him from urinating. (Woof.)

The medical team checks in on him and gives him some medicine, but he’s still struggling. Michele thinks that he’s in even more pain than he’s letting on. Everyone gets upset because Joe is very dear to them and they don’t want to see him suffering. Cydney says he’s been like a substitute grandfather to her and of course, Aubry and Joe have a very tight relationship as well.

Later that evening, the medics comes again for another visit. Dr. Joe tells Survivor Joe that his enlarged prostate could cause future damage to his kidneys so they have to pull him from the game. Of course this is devastating news with only five days left to go in the game, but Joe doesn’t want to take any risks with his health because there other challenges that wait for him in the future. Jeff tells Joe that it’s been an honor watching him play this game with people nearly 50 years younger than he is and that he’s an inspiration for people to stay adventurous and exhilarated for as long as they can.

As terrible as this is for Joe, it’s just as devastating to Aubry’s game. Now two of her major allies have been medically evacuated and she’s left without her solid second vote. Let’s see if she can still make it to the finals without him.

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