The last time the ladies of The Real Housewives of New York City acquired the services of a psychic, she correctly (and unfortunately) predicted that Ramona’s husband was cheating on her. Let’s hope that things go better for the ladies this go-around. But with all of the crazy lives these ladies live, it’s certainly a gamble.

Psychic Powers

Sonja is getting a facial from her infamous facialist and is gossiping with her about her upcoming birthday party. All of the regular ladies are going to be there, but Bethenny hasn’t sent in her RSVP yet, so of course, Sonja assumes that means she’s coming.

Carole has Jules, Dorinda and Bethenny over to her apartment to get a reading from a medium named Kim Russo. Kim says she reads energies from those living and deceased. Bethenny just thinks it’s a bunch of a baloney, but then again, she admits that she’s a cynic.

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The medium can tell that Jules is a role model which makes her emotional because she says she’s just getting to the place in her eating disorder recovery where she can focus on other people. She also says that Dorinda’s husband sends her coins which is something that she and her husband shared.

Ramona comes in late and interrupts the energy. The medium is still talking about Dorinda’s husband. She says that Richard says that John is a good boyfriend for now, but not good for her long term. She says she doesn’t see her getting married to John in the future and Ramona lets slip, “Thank god.”

That’s when Dorinda lets Ramona have it. Dorinda tells her to shut up about John, especially because Ramona brings enough idiots around that she isn’t one to judge. She says that John doesn’t like her either. Dorinda also says that Ramona needs to shut her mouth and stop acting like a bitch. She says that of course the psychic doesn’t see Mario in her future because he left her for another woman.

The ladies all think this is a low blow (it is) but the psychic says that it’s something that needed to be said.

After Ramona has an emotional moment about her father, Dorinda sits next to her and tells her that she needs to give her a break about John because it’s hurting their relationship. The two hug and agree to move on.

Dinner Walk-Out

Carole goes to visit Jules in her apartment the next day where she finds out that Jules doesn’t even know how to make tea. That’s something that even Carole can manage in her partial office/kitchen.

Anyway, the two talk about the meeting with the psychic and Jules opens up to Carole about her struggles with her eating disorder. She says she wants to be a role model to young women going through the same things she went through. Carole encourages her to find a way to articulate her experience going forward.

Dorinda and John have a dinner date and it’s just as embarrassing as all of their other interactions. Dorinda wants her problems with her friends to be about her, but apparently, that’s too much to ask John since he keeps interrupting and making it about him. Dorinda doesn’t feel like either John or Ramona are taking her feelings into consideration, which is really frustrating to her.

John accuses Dorinda of choosing her friends over him. Dorinda says that she stood up for him and doesn’t feel appreciated. She neither feels listened to or understood, so she leaves their date and tells him to catch an E-ZPass back to Queens. Good for Dorinda. Standing up for herself to everyone tonight.

Sonja is getting ready for her party and not only is she excited about the celebration, but she’s telling all the ladies about a brand new business venture too. She says she took Bethenny’s advice and didn’t tell the whole world about this one, but now she’s ready to share the good news.

Meanwhile, Bethenny’s doing real work hustling her Skinny Girl products in a food truck out in the rain. She says she’s proud of the brand she’s built but she’s poured a lot of herself into it over the years and it’s a lot of work.

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Tipsy Girl

At Sonja’s party, we realize that Sonja’s getting into the booze business. And her business partner is a familiar face: Ramona’s former business partner (possible romantic partner?) Peter. Shady business, Sonja.

Once everyone gets there, Ramona gossips with the ladies about how LuAnn re-gifted her a necklace for her birthday. And LuAnn’s already mad at Ramona for telling Sonja that The Countess is a bad influence on Sonja. LuAnn says if they want to go out drinking every night, it’s none of Ramona’s business.

Dorinda and John come to the party together despite Dorinda’s walk-out at their dinner date. Dorinda says they have their ups and downs, but they’re here to have a good time tonight.

Sonja gets everyone’s attention to make her announcement about her new Prosecco brand. And what is it called? Tipsy Girl. So, pretty close in name to Bethenny’s Skinny Girl, obviously.

Immediately, the ladies know this is going to be a problem. Jules doesn’t even really know the ladies that well yet, but she knows that Bethenny is extremely protective of her brand. Sonja has the name copyrighted and she doesn’t seem to be aware in the slightest that it’s like a cheap rip off. She still wishes Bethenny were there tonight so she could share in the celebration.

Next week: Bethenny most certainly does not want to celebrate Sonja’s new brand. In fact, it looks like quite the opposite when she tells Sonja that it’s a “cheater brand” and she wants nothing to do with her.

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