The results aren’t quite as much of a slam dunk as they were for the Top 10 eliminations, but they’re still pretty big. Roughly 70% of you agree with me that Nick Hagelin will be cut short of the semifinals on The Voice season 10. A small number of you are evenly split between Shalyah Fearing and Paxton Ingram, but that likely means that one of them will be joining Nick in the Bottom 2. But let’s find out if the majority of us are right or if The Voice is in for a real shocker to set up the semifinals.

'The Voice' Results: The Top 8 are Revealed

Remember, this is a live blog, so stay on this page and refresh every 15 minutes or so to get the latest updates on who is staying, who is leaving and if Christina will actually go through with what she has been threatening to do all season and just show up topless.

The First Result of the Night

Carson Daly is really scraping the bottom of the barrel with the questions this time. Were people really dying to know what people are saying to Mary Sarah on Twitter? Better yet, is anyone actually buying Mary Sarah’s laugh as she stumbles through her answer?

Now that the obligatory complaining about Carson’s questions are over, we can move on to the obligatory complaining about Christina’s outfit … and I have nothing to say here. This is positively reserved for Christina. I mean, the rings in her hair are weird, but I’ve seen way worse.

I have to point out Nick’s outfit, though, with the weird poncho/Snuggie shirt he is wearing. Nick’s shirts are getting progressively bigger. I’m kind of hoping he moves on to see if he just finally decides to say screw it and wear a dress. It’s where things are headed at this point.

Anyway, Hannah Huston is safe. Hannah is the only one who is (adorably) surprised by this information.

More Results

There’s nothing really to say about James Bay performing “Let It Go.” It’s not the worst of The Voice stalling tactics because I actually like the song. It’s way better than the DNCE borefest from last time.

Carson accidentally stumbles into an interesting story by asking Bryan a question about his most memorable moment, though that could just be Bryan’s natural charisma shining through and rubbing off on the hosting robot.

Speaking of which, Bryan Bautista is safe! Adam Wakefield is also safe on Team Blake.

Andy Samberg Performs Promotes His New Movie

Oh god, this is just painful. I actually love Andy Samberg, like a lot. He’s fantastic on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the Lonely Island has produced some legitimately good songs. There is not a single thing about this new character that is remotely appealing or amusing. I’m also 99.9% sure that the contestants’ reactions and questions were not filmed at the same time as Andy Samberg and Adam’s part of the “conversation.” I don’t know whether I’m grateful or disappointed that they didn’t involve Carson in the comedy bits.

More Results of the Night

Wow, that’s two moments in a row that Carson gets an actually good moment out of his questioning. The moment in question is so unintentional, though, that it is hilarious. I love that Carson asks Paxton who he hangs out with outside the show and he pretty much names everyone but his fellow teammate Mary Sarah, who’s right next to him. So she is just standing there, nodding, looking like an idiot.

I guess it’s a little bit of revenge for Mary Sarah, that she is saved next and so is Laith Al-Saadi.

The Bottom 2 are Revealed

Oh, you poor, delusional person screaming Nick’s name over and over to be saved. It’s not going to happen. Instead, Alisan Porter (duh) is saved and Shalyah Fearing is also in the clear. Everything is going according to plan … the plan being my predictions. Let’s see if Nick breaks the curse of being in the Bottom 2 for a second time.

Paxton Ingram Performs “How Will I Know”

I’m sorry, why didn’t Paxton sing this song for the Top 9?! Usually, the Instant Save performances are only a slight improvement on the performance that landed them there in the first place, if they improve at all. This is so far ahead of what Paxton sang in the Top 9 that I’m actually kind of bitter he can’t use this for a “proper” performance.

Nick Hagelin Performs “Change the World”

On the flip side, Nick does nothing really special. It’s better than what he did for the Top 9, but he really could only go up as far as I’m concerned. He’s not nearly as smooth as Paxton, so he should go home. But let’s see what happens.

Nick is leading the Instant Save according to the live poll, which probably means he is safe. It’s really close — extremely close, in fact — but it’s hard to remember the last time an artist who started the Instant Save poll leading didn’t ultimately get it.

But it happens! Paxton Ingram moves on with less than 100 tweets, which sounds insane and false — especially considering the fact that according to Twitter, the #VoiceSavePaxton hashtag has twice as many tweets as #VoiceSaveNick, but I guess the it doesn’t matter. The “right” person is moving forward. Nick Hagelin is eliminated from The Voice.

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8pm on NBC.

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