Last night during The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All, an extended preview of Bachelor in Paradise was shown.

And boy, does it look juicy!

Here’s what you can expect this season on Bachelor in Paradise

Lots of Tears

Graham Bunn cries in his confessional. Michelle Money cries to various people. Clare Crawley cries. Sarah Herron cries. Ben Scott cries an ugly cry. AshLee Frazier cries.

Are we sensing a theme here, people? They should have called this show Heartbreak Hotel. Or maybe Crazy Island? 

Love Letters from Home

Someone finds a love letter addressed to one of the guys on the island. Michelle Money tearily confronts the letter’s owner, “A letter from someone saying that she loves you? Like, are you in love with her?”

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Cast Regrets

Several people describe the experience on the island as a nightmare, hell, or crazy. “My wish is that this was a dream and I could wake up from it,” says an unnamed male voice.

“I regret getting on that plane,” admits Ben.

Is it really that bad? My goodness, it’s a paid vacation with hot young singles. Get over yourselves.

Hookups Galore

We have seen from the first photos released that Clare has a date with Robert Graham and those two definitely couple up. At least for a little while. But who else locks lips?

Michelle Money and Cody Sattler, one of the late arrivals. Interesting! I could totally see it, though. She seems to be into the dumb beefcakes.

“I wanted to kiss a really hot guy tonight, and I did!” giggles Sarah. Who was it?

Marcus Grodd tells someone (Lacy Faddoul, I think), “I hope you know by now that I love you.” Good grief, Marcus! How long are you on the island for that you are able to heal your broken heart from Andi, move on, and already fall in love AGAIN?

Graham toasts to finding what he’s looking for with a special lady on the island, but we can’t make out who it is.

Also in the previews: two ladies kissing on the beach, a nighttime ocean hookup and love triangles. 

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Late Arrivals

New guests arrive weekly to replace the ousted ones. The list of late arrivals includes: Brooks Forester (The Bachelorette, Season 9), Chris Bukowski (The Bachelorette, Season 8), Christy Hansen (The Bachelor, Season 18), Cody Sattler (The Bachelorette, Season 10), Danielle Ronco (The Bachelor, Season 18), Jackie Parr (The Bachelor, Season 17), Jesse Kovacs (The Bachelorette, Season 5), Kalon McMahon (The Bachelorette, Season 8), Lucy Aragon (The Bachelor, Season 18), Tasos Hernandez (The Bachelorette, Season 10) and Zack Kalter (The Bachelorette, Season 9).

Of the late arrivals, look for Chris Bukowski and Kalon McMahon to stir up some trouble. They come into this show already having bad reputations. Will the ladies be scared off or enticed by the bad boys?

Look for Lucy (professional Free Spirit) to be annoying and pair up with nobody.

Drama, Drama, Drama

Presumably, Elise Mosca has been hooking up with Dylan Petit. They have a discussion on the beach, in which Elise says, “Yes a kiss was involved, but I was thinking about you the whole time!” Will Dylan buy it? Doubtful!

It seems like Lacy is caught in the middle of Marcus and another suitor, possibly Robert. Robert’s getting lots of action on the island! Sarah, Clare and now Lacy? Wow.

Plus, an incident involving blood all over the floor, handcuffs and an ambulance. Oh, and lots of tears. 

Can you handle all that scandal? I know I can’t!

Bachelor in Paradise premieres August 4th on ABC at 8pm.

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Lindsay Podolak

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV