It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable season of The Real Housewives of New York City, from Aviva’s insistence that Carole used a ghost writer to writer her book to Ramona’s private plane escape from the Berkshires. And all of the craziness comes to a conclusion this week in the season 6 finale.

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What a Night

Poor Sonja. Things only went downhill for her after Harry’s faux-proposal at Carole’s party last night. And now she has to deal with ugly towels that her interns grab for her to go around the ice packs for her sprained ankle. 

At least Ramona and Kristen show up for some moral support. Sonja gets very emotional when she tells them that she saw Harry leave in a cab with LuAnn and he hasn’t called her since last night. Ramona has the proper friend response when she gets enraged and yells, “F*** her!” Sonja says that she’s attracting more men now than ever, and Harry’s the one who has missed out.

Kristen comes back to her apartment only to be surprised that her husband is actually spending some time there. Don’t worry, though, he’s there with his business partner having a meeting because they didn’t have time to go back to the office. They’re casting for a new ad campaign for a billboard and they were discussing hiring a young fresh-faced model. Kristen says they should save their money and use her as a model, since she’s more in the target market for the E-Boost product. Whatever E-Boost is. Josh says he’ll consider it. And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the most adult conversation Josh Taekman has ever had with his wife.

Sonja has to scoot down the stairs where her intern Pickles hands her crutches. She somehow manages to be wearing thigh-high high heel boots despite her sprained ankle, though. She tells Pickles that she wants to have a party for Team Sonja for all her friends and supporters.

LuAnn comes over for tea and Sonja wastes no time getting into what bothers her. She asks if Harry and LuAnn went home and slept together. LuAnn is insulted that Sonja doesn’t have more faith in their friendship. She says that Harry jumped in the cab with her and they went dancing, but nothing happened. She tells her that she should really take it up with Harry, who was the one who left her at the party. Sonja admits that she’s been friends with LuAnn for too long to stay mad at her, especially over Harry, and invites her to her Team Sonja party.

Sonja meets with Harry to give him a piece of her mind. She tells him he blew it, and him leaving her alone at a party the same night he promised to commit to her is something she won’t be able to forgive. Harry tells her that nothing happened with LuAnn, but he wished something had. What a jerk! Sonja promptly tells him to go scratch, and maybe they can talk again after her next failed marriage. Good for Sonja. I hope that crazy floozy finds true love some day. Until then, she should go back to meaningless sex with 21-year-olds instead of greasy, old Harry.

Spruce It Up

Heather meets with a handbag designer for Love Alex, a company that donates a portion of their sales to pediatric charities. Carole meets her there because Heather says she needs to up her handbag game. Heather tells Carole that her son Jax is still struggling with his hearing. One doctor suggested he have surgery to correct his hearing problem, but when they went to get a second opinion, the other doctor thought that surgery wouldn’t be able to reverse his hearing loss. So right now, they have to decide which doctor to trust and consider what her son thinks as well.

Kristen does the photo shoot for E-Boost. Both Josh and Kristen are nervous at first, but they both manage to act like they respect each other long enough to get a decent shot for the billboard.

Carole has Kristen and Heather over to see her renovated apartment. Carole thinks her new apartment is the sanctuary she needed. She gets the first box of her hardcover books and she feels amazing. The three of them toast to her success, and the fact that she didn’t have her book ghost-written.

Leg Room

All of the ladies show up to the Team Sonja party at Le Cirque, except Aviva, which means they have plenty of time to talk about Aviva before she gets there. Sonja doesn’t make an entrance until an hour later as well. And once she does, she gives a long, nonsensical speech before even greeting her guests.

Ramona tells Heather that Aviva owes Kristen an apology for not coming to Montana. Aviva asks Sonja if all of the girls are mad at her, and Sonja says they are because they’re “emotional vampires.”

Even though Ramona was just talking trash, she calls Aviva over to join the group. They all tell her how thin she looks and she says she’s lost 10 pounds because of her various ailments.

They all sit down at a booth, and basically the women just start railing Aviva about being a phony and faking her illnesses, which is a little like an ambush. Look, I’m not on Team Aviva, but why do you care so much if she’s lying about having asthma? You’re still giving her just what she wants: attention.

Aviva says she’s sorry they feel they’ve been lied to, but she’s been lied to too. By the doctors. Who are lying to her about her diagnosis. She pulls an x-ray out of her purse. “Was this forged by the doctors?” she asks mockingly. Everyone is cracking up at her crazy, and Sonja is examining the x-ray wondering if Aviva had a boob job.

Things start to get out of hand (or leg … oof … sorry) when Aviva says that everyone was determined to call her a liar because she’s heard things about Carole’s book. Everyone is ready to walk away at that point, especially Carole, who is done listening to Aviva say anything about her career, but she calls them all back, promising a more sane conversation.

Well, that doesn’t happen. Ramona tells her she has deeper issues than asthma, like an attachment to her husband, that caused her to miss their trip. Aviva starts to list her ailments again and hands out her doctor’s card for everyone to call and confirm her illnesses with. Heather starts to lose it, telling her she would like to go home because all of this isn’t worth my time.

Cue the now bound to be infamous line where Aviva shouts, “The only thing artificial or fake about me is this!” and she slams her fake leg on the table. The other party-goers are shocked, but most of them are laughing. But no one is laughing as hard as LuAnn. Aviva continues to shout that she’s sick of being called fake and she heaves her leg across the table at Heather, yelling, “Take it, Heather! Is this what you wanted? For me to crawl home?”

No one knows quite how to react, but laughter seems to be the most common reaction in the room. Carole is nice enough to pick up Aviva’s leg and give it back to her. But not without first telling her that this is not okay and that she needs help.

And that’s a wrap! As Carole says, “It’s not over until a skinny bitch throws her leg.”

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