The Power of Veto has been used every week on Big Brother 16. Twice the replacement nominee has gone home (Joey and Devin), and the other time, Zach narrowly avoided eviction after a lot of hard work (by Derrick). What will happen in week 4 now that the PoV ceremony is over?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

Victoria won the Power of Veto.

Victoria saved herself. Donny is the replacement nominee.

Well, that’s a bit of a surprise, mostly because, at the last minute, Cody appeared to change his mind to nominate Caleb. Cody’s alliance pushed hard for Donny to be the replacement nominee to guarantee Brittany goes home and keep Caleb thinking the Bomb Squad is still in tact.

But Cody’s heart disagreed. Zach pushed hard to nominate Caleb on Sunday night, but it didn’t seem to work. Then on Monday morning, Donny had a chat with Cody in the HoH room. Donny was simple and honest, encouraging Cody to play his own game. Donny even said he wouldn’t hold it against Cody if he put him up, but that only made Cody trust him even more.

Cody decided to flip and nominate Caleb, telling Frankie. Frankie then ran to a sleeping Derrick to let him know. Derrick went upstairs to talk to Cody about it, which made Cody call Frankie a “weasel” for scrambling so quickly. Derrick didn’t push back too hard to change Cody’s mind. However, something obviously changed back at the last minute, because now Donny is nominated.

It’s basically guaranteed that Brittany is going home. In the aftermath, Cody was beating himself up for making this decision, but of course, Frankie was there to say this was the smartest and most courageous move he could’ve made. Yeah, for Frankie, but not necessarily for Cody.

The Power Structure

The power structure in the house is pretty solid. The Detonators are running the show, though even Derrick, Frankie and the others are realizing that Zach is a loose cannon who can’t control his mouth. There’s actually quite a bit of in-fighting in that five-person alliance, mostly because people are wary of Zach.

Zach is playing an interesting game. It’s aggressive, in-your-face and unafraid. He’s not scared of getting nominated (he even floated the idea him becoming the replacement nominee this week) and he has no problem voicing unpopular opinions, even within his alliance. That’s in stark contrast to people like Frankie and Christine, who try to cover all of their bases and are absolutely petrified if anyone even mentions their name as a potential nominee. Zach seems to be playing a Dr. Will-style game, eager to be the villain who doesn’t win competitions but stays anyway. The others in his alliance may get tired of it, but this far, it’s working out quite well for him.

The Detonators are also extremely close to Hayden and Nicole, though they aren’t official members. Hayden is good friends with Cody, Derrick and Zach while Nicole is obviously tight with Christine. Speaking of Haycole, on the live feeds late Sunday night, the two finally made out under the covers, so that flirtmance is now a full-blown showmance.

Next is Victoria, who is just kept around as a loyal servant for the Detonators. Derrick and Hayden know they can control her easily and she doesn’t really think for herself at all, so she’ll be kept around to be disposed of later in the game. She’s unwittingly become their permanent pawn.

Then there’s Caleb and Amber, who are simultaneously huge targets for the Detonators and potential allies since they can still be convinced that the Bomb Squad is in existence. Basically, Caleb and Amber are the only people in the B.S. who don’t know the alliance is dead, but people like Frankie want to keep them around because he has them in his back pocket.

Finally, that leaves Jocasta and Donny (since Brittany is all but gone). Jocasta doesn’t really have anyone and this nominations has made it obviously clear that she, Donny, Victoria and Brittany are the next four to go, just like Devin told them.

Donny is a wild card. Zach, Cody and Hayden really trust him (Donny has suggested forming an alliance with those three guys) and obviously Derrick and Frankie are on Team America with him (though they don’t really include him in anything they do). Donny is kind of like Chicken George from All-Stars, a nice guy who people like but don’t see as a threat.


-Brittany and Donny have been nominated three times this season. They’;re followed by Victoria, Jocasta and Amber with two each. Frankie, Christine, Derrick and Cody have never been nominated. Those facts tell you everything you need to know about the power dynamic in the house.

-This is only the second time that the Power of Veto has been used for each of the first four weeks. It happened last year, when it was used the first seven times it was won.

-Last year also set the record for most times the PoV was used with 11. Of course that season also had the most PoV competitions ever, with 14.

-The all-time record for most consecutive weeks the Power of Veto was used came during All-Stars in season 7, when it was used nine times in a row after not being used for the first two weeks.

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