An awful lot of the drama on Revenge revolves around family secrets. The Graysons alone would have enough skeletons in their spacious closets to fill up most shows! In Revenge season 2, we will find out what secrets will be revealed when Emily’s mother and Conrad Grayson’s other son return. Find out the details here.

WARNING: There are some serious Revenge season 2 spoilers in this article. If you want everything in the upcoming season to be a huge surprise, you probably should not continue reading. Otherwise, have at it!

The Truth About Emily’s Mother

How is it that Emily’s mother is still alive? Where has she been all these years? How does she connect to all of the secrets and vengeance of Revenge? Season 2 promises us answers to these questions. But here are a few tidbits until then.

According to a report from TV Guide Magazine, the long-missing mother of Amanda Clarke (aka Emily) is named Kara Wallace Clarke (played by Jennifer Jason Leigh). And it turns out that a touch of insanity may have been the trigger that took Kara out of her daughter’s life.

“This is a woman who has battled demons her entire life,” executive producer Mike Kelley said. “She’s a borderline personality with serious mental disorders.” These mental disorders were severe enough that young Amanda was not safe around her mother.

The rest of Kara Clarke’s story will come out over the course of Revenge season 2. But one secret is obvious already — the woman has some sort of secret connection to the Grayson family.

Conrad Grayson’s Other Son

Speaking of the Graysons, we can expect yet another member of that wealthy, troubled family to surface at some point late in season 2. While we have known since the middle of season 1 that Conrad Grayson was married before he met Victoria, we did not learn much else about that family. Now, TVLine reports that there is a son from that marriage. What’s more, that son will appear at some point in season 2.

Why will he not come sooner? Apparently, it was decided that Emily already had enough boys around her at the beginning of the season.

But what will the newest Grayson want when he comes? Will he be a stranger to Daniel and Charlotte? How many more family members can we bring into the **Revenge mix? We may begin to find out when Revenge season 2 begins on Sunday, September 30 at 9pm on ABC.

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