With so many plots running through Revenge, of course there will be a lot of season 2 spoilers as we approach the premiere date. Who will be coming to the Hamptons? What dangers will the characters face? Who has a chance at new romance? Keep reading to find out.

Will Nolan Find Love?

And will that love refrain from trying to kill everyone’s favorite anti-social computer billionaire? For Nolan’s sake, we can hope so.

We may not know the woman’s motives or objectives yet, but TVLine reports that Dilshad Vadsaria (Greek) has been cast as Padma, a potential romantic interest for Nolan.

The role is set to be recurring, which should give Nolan a chance to work through his shyness and my-last-lover-stabbed-me issues. Padma will be an intelligent, pop culture-loving financial expert who shows up to work at Nolan’s company.

So she might be a bit of a business rival as well…

New Faces Come to the Hamptons

Since Emily has already exacted her revenge on many of the current residents of the Hamptons, she obviously needs some fresh blood to keep the vengeance going. At least three newcomers can be expected for season 2.

The first of these is a man named Raymond. As E!Online reports, he is a 40ish fellow that tries to hide a rough past with fancy clothes and expensive cars.

Next up, we have Helen. According to TVGuide.com, Helen will be an important executive in business with Conrad Grayson. Played by Wendy Crewson (24, Saving Hope), Helen will appear in at least one episode of season 2.

While both Helen and Raymond look to be potential targets for Emily, the same cannot be said for the third new character, played by Barry Sloane (as reported by TVLine. Apparently, this young man was Emily’s first adult love, back when she was learning the art of revenge. What is he doing in the Hamptons now? Will he help or hinder Emily in her quest?

Bad, Shocking Things Happen

Revenge just wouldn’t be Revenge without dangerous and unexpected events. Much like last year, one of the events will appear in the first episode of the season. E!Online reports that the big event in season 2 has something to do with The Amanda, Jack’s boat. Someone will be tied to that boat. And something bad will happen.

Vague enough for you?

One definite bad thing we will see is Emily Thorne, tied to a wooden post and struggling against a rising tide (Click here to watch the video) How did she get there and what exactly is going on? We don’t have the answer to that, of course, but we do know the name of at least one person involved with the drowning attempt: Takeda, Emily’s Japanese revenge mentor (first reported by TVLine).

Revenge season 2 premieres on Sunday, September 30 at 9pm on ABC.

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