Tonight’s premiere of Sons of Anarchy season 5 drives home one message: Jax Teller is tearing SAMCRO apart. The episode’s title, “Sovereign,” feels like a sick joke, as the club is now anything but independent. Even before taking up the president’s gavel, Jax’s good intentions lead to the club being controlled by the CIA, drugs and, most of all, ghosts from their past. 

Right away this episode draws parallels between Jax and his father. John Teller’s writings sparked the Sons’ downfall, and now it’s his son’s turn to leave a trail of letters. In them, Jax describes the euphoria of losing yourself barreling down the road at dangerous speeds, only knowing what’s right in front of you.

They Used To Be Such Nice Boys

That’s the club’s problem. They’re locked in the present, unable to see their future. Even when Clay confesses murdering Piney, Jax helps him cover it up as self – defense. There’s only one goal in both their heads: finishing this Cartel deal. In a way, this makes Jax as evil as Clay. He’s gone back on everything his father died for, even allowing J.T.’s killer back into the Sons. In other news, this series definitely isn’t influenced by Hamlet or anything. 

(Stops and checks Wikipedia) Oh hey guys, did you know Sons of Anarchy is influenced by Hamlet?

Come On, Light My Baby On Fire

The worst shockwaves from SAMCRO’s cartel dealings don’t come from south of the border, though. Instead, their former allies from the Niners seek retribution against Tig for killing their leader’s daughter last season. Luckily they don’t go over the edge and do something crazy like throwing Tig’s daughter in a pit full of corpses and burning her alive while he watches.

Oh wait, that’s exactly what happens. If y’all need me, I’ll be over here rinsing my eyes out with Lysol while thinking how this never would have happened if the Sons and XIX crew kept quietly doing small-time business with each other. Great job, Jax. Sounds like that deal with the Gallindo cartel is doing great!

Deja Vu All Over Again … And Again … And Again

Everything ends with the Niner’s manipulating law enforcement into issues warrants against Jax, Chibs and Tig. Its closing montage resembles the episode’s opening. Jax is on the road, focused only on what’s in front of him. He’s left his wife, children and club behind. All that’s left is one big, long now. 

Luckily, previews for next week’s episode have things looking up for Jax and his fellow fugitives showing them happily going to prison. Actually, wait. That’s not good. This premiere was incredibly well done. Everything seems to be setting the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club for an wonderfully watchable implosion. Is it Jax’s fault everything’s falling apart for SAMCRO? Will he end up murdered like his father, or can he pull the club out of the hole they’re in? Comment and let us know!

Daniel Mikelonis
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Daniel Mikelonis

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