This week, Revenge should’ve come with a “tissues necessary” warning. The episode begins with Emily shoveling what appears to be a grave and in obvious grief. You can assume what’s going to happen, but still, it’s incredibly sad.

Welcome Back, Lydia?

With Victoria no longer sharing his bed, Conrad turns to Lydia. How much of it is actually wanting to be with her and how much of it is knowing that doing so will make Victoria extremely mad? Probably a little bit of both. There’s just something so … slightly trashy about Lydia that makes her so entertaining. A bit of a hot mess, and definitely the opposite of Victoria.

Victoria tries to get Lydia against Conrad after exposing the truth about his prized (fake) painting and “evidence” that’s hidden inside of it. Leave it to Victoria to just take a knife and cut through that painting to retrieve it.

A Family Affair

Charlotte signs up the family to therapy — and everything comes out, including the knowledge about the stuff stolen from inside the painting.

Daniel’s on his father’s side big time and pretty much gives his mother an ultimatum — give up the evidence or be cut out of his life. Victoria picks the latter. Emily’s watching this all unfold, of course, and has her attention on Daniel’s briefcase when he comes over later that night.

I am not liking this change in Daniel, where he’s turning more into his father every day. But I don’t know if this is making Emily’s job of enacting revenge easier or more difficult. But then again, he does give Jack money — a million bucks — and he did sound sincere in wanting to just help out, instead of it being blood money, like Jack says.

Bring on the Tears

Jack’s worried because Sammy hasn’t been feeling well lately and later, can’t find him anywhere. The pup ends up at Emily’s house — which tugged at my heart in and of itself, but on top of that, he’s barely able to move. All he does is lay there.

The whole scene is incredibly emotional, and the actors really bring it with the grief. It’s also a bit refreshing to see Emily break down, as well, because you’re so used to seeing her as the stone-cold, revenge-seeking tough lady. With Sammy, her feelings are raw and out there.

Emily and Jack also turn to each other for comfort — and there’s a kiss, which is exciting to see but not at the expense of Sammy’s death. Unfortunately, Ashley’s right outside and sees the whole thing!

Why does it seem like she’s always showing up during moments where people don’t want to be seen?

The Mystery Man

On to the man who killed David Clarke, who shows up at Conrad’s house while Nolan and Emily are both watching. Emily’s plan is to create a meeting between Conrad and the man again — which happens when she sends a video of Emily and Daniel sleeping, implying the man is watching his son and fiancee. Emily will then follow him — and kill him. But Emily’s not a cold-blooded killer, is she? Well, thanks to Nolan’s aunt, they send Emily to a fake address instead of where the man — who’s strangely into clocks — actually lives.

Meanwhile, Nolan shows up at the guy’s place pretending to be a cable repair guy, gets into his house and sets up a camera in there. But the guy is two steps ahead of Nolan. The episode ends with Nolan hanging up the phone with Emily — and the man is right there and knocks Nolan out cold!

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