Though the thrilling season 2 finale of The Walking Dead has passed, it left us with much to anticipate in the show’s third season, touted by its producers as the best one yet. To kick off the long wait before October, AMC conducted an on-set interview with Executive Producer (and creator of the comic book series) Robert Kirkman as they began production for season 3 this week. To catch up on all the juicy details, read our summary below.

Get Ready for the Prison
Kirkman calls the newly constructed prison “absolutely stunning,” and was extremely impressed with how the set designers were able to bring aspects of the comic book series location to life. When asked about the room in the prison full of guns and SWAT gear, Kirkman merely stated that the Walking Dead writers are big fans of the ammo and teasingly called their support “an indication” of what viewers can expect in season 3. But he stressed that the desperate tone of the show’s characters will be maintained (the prison shouldn’t be seen as “this safe place”).

Get Ready for the Governor
Fans have known that David Morrissey will be playing the comic book’s most exciting villain, the Governor, for a while. Kirkman helped capitalize on that excitement by describing humans (aka the Governor and his group) as unpredictable and therefore greater threats than zombies, who can be ultimately managed as long as you know “the rules.” Move over, Walkers – the Governor has arrived and is “capable of doing things far worse than trying to eat you.”

Get Ready for Michonne
The second major actor to be joining the cast next season is Danai Gurira, whose sword-wielding character Michonne was briefly introduced in the season 2 finale. While the character development of the mysterious Michonne will be highlighted, Kirkman underscored Gurira’s “tremendous physical capability” and called her sword training “absolutely amazing.” Kirkman also revealed she’ll be using a specially designed sword, the origins of which “will be revealed on the show.”

Simply Put, Get Ready for Season 3
It’s been said before, but according to Kirkman, we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what truly made the original comic series great (see the above: the prison, the Governor, Michonne). “That’s really a lot of the stuff that people remember the story for,” says Kirkman. And now that the TV show is finally tackling these pivotal story lines, “this season is absolutely going to blow people away.” Plus, fans can look forward to a longer 16 episode season (versus the 13 of season 2) for more and “bigger stories.” It’s only May, and at this rate, this is shaping up to be one of the most hyped seasons of the fall.

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