Emily and Victoria’s paths are headed in the same direction — downhill. We see the bottoming out of each character. Just when each has a “woe is me” moment and we think the scheming may settle down a little, Victoria’s lie affects Emily like no other, and she’s back to playing dirty, as we like it.

Among all of this, a plot twist no one can say they saw coming is revealed.

The Big Question

Daniel proposes to Emily — complete with a string ensemble on a boat where they first met. It’s pouring rain now, he tells her some pretty sweet things, and I was taken aback with how sincere he is when he asks her to marry him. She says yes — but you couldn’t help feel sorry for Daniel, who really is in love with her, but is only a pawn in Emily’s game.

I like the way everyone found out — Nolan through Ashley, whom Emily texted; Charlotte when she goes to Emily’s house to find Daniel; and then Victoria’s reaction, when Emily/Daniel go to the house to break the news — plastering on that fake smile and only hugging Daniel.

Goodbye, Fake Amanda — And A Big Reveal

Emily’s goal this week is to get rid of Amanda, and tries to pin the burning of the house on her, plotting the interview tapes of David Thorne in her belongings. What Emily didn’t know is that Victoria hired her own guy to look into Amanda (even getting her DNA tested to see if it matches Charlotte’s), and it leads to Jack getting the crapped kicked out of him. Now everything has sudden become so real, since Jack wasn’t supposed to get hurt.

Emily goes off to meet someone in the middle of the night — Victoria’s lawyer! He’s been in on everything all along, as he, too, believes that David is innocent. He ultimately switched real Amanda’s DNA sample with fake Emily’s so that it will match Charlotte’s. Victoria can’t believe it, but how can a paternity test lie?

Then, Emily gives Amanda a convincing speech about her life being in danger, and this time, now that Jack is in the hospital, she leaves. Another Emily problem out the door. It affects Emily, deeply. She confides to Nolan that she’s going to call off the engagement and think about what she’s going to do next.

Sisterly Moment

When Charlotte goes to Emily’s house looking for Daniel, it’s the first time the two see each other since Emily found out Charlotte was her sister. It was a sweet moment as they hug, especially when Charlotte tells Emily that she’s always wanted a sister.

But poor Charlotte. Conrad is willing to keep her trust fund but makes her go back to her mother. She reveals to Emily that her father had looked at her the way she looks at her mother.

Victoria’s Revenge

Victoria’s deep secret that Charlotte is David Thorne’s daughter comes out — not so discreetly when Conrad is delivered the interview tape where David reveals that Charlotte is named after his aunt.

Conrad offers her an ultimatum: Settle the divorce with whatever he decides to offer her, thus avoiding going public, or go to trial and have her name dragged through the mud. After Conrad leaves, Victoria’s reaction shows us that she knows she’s about to lose everything. I even felt sorry for her.

But this is Victoria we’re talking about — and she has one more trick up her sleeve. When she confesses to Daniel that his father isn’t Charlotte’s daughter, that David Clarke is, she also says that she was raped! Take a moment to wrap your head around that one. First a terrorist, now a rapist. I’ve got to hand it to her though, she takes the award for Conniving You-Know-What of the Year Award.

Emily’s Revenge

Emily is ready to call off her engagement to Daniel — until he tells her about David Thorne raping his mother and thus producing Charlotte. Our girl Emily goes from shocked to sheer determination and sets on a June date for the wedding.

So what did you think about this week’s episode? Am I the only one who officially finds Ashley annoying? I don’t see how she fits into the show anymore. I read that the season is winding down soon. How is it all going to lead to the series premiere, when we’re at Emily and Daniel’s engagement party?

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