This week on Revenge, an author who cashed in on the Daniel Clarke saga is Emily’s latest target after he comes to the Hamptons to write his memoir — and that means re-interviewing the fake Emily. And the juicy twist at the end left my eyes wide as saucers.

Winding Summer?

What’s going to happen to our favorite Hamptonites when it’s Labor Day and the leaves start turning — and they have to go back to their real lives? Good thing we don’t have to worry about that now, although the characters ARE thinking about their futures.

Daniel has thoughts about marrying Emily (though that’s given a solid nudge by the terms of his trust fund changing — to when he marries or turns 30), or at least living together. But Emily, though in control of the relationship yet keeping a slight distance from Daniel, says she wants to wait until she’s married, as a way to honor the traditional upbringing of her parents.

Also, Declan and Charlotte have their eyes set on school — or at least Charlotte does. And let’s remember it’s high school, but she’s a busy bee, with tennis, Model U.N. and the literacy club. So what’s to happen between the two of them? It was a cute moment when Charlotte finds Declan asleep with a copy of Paradise Lost, the book that Charlotte has to read before school starts — although Declan also had the Cliff’s Notes version (smart guy!).

The Big Fraud

Emily’s next target is the journalist/author who writes the tell-all about her father. We see that he talked to David in prison — and also a young Emily, revealing to her back then that he believed her father was innocent. So he’d do anything he could to tell his side. Finally.

Well, until Victoria gets to him of course. I did admire his stance with her at first. He seemed pretty set on telling the truth, but money talks — even though I think he could’ve been MORE famous with the real story, don’t you think?

Anyway, it turns out he wrote the Graysons’ side of the story, which a young Emily reads — and believes. It was one of the first times I really truly believed how messed up Emily was — reading the book she believed to be true and then finding out that EVERYTHING was a lie.

I really enjoy the flashbacks the show does with a younger, real Amanda because the little girl is great in the role — and the storytelling is more effective this way, instead of, say, if they were to just narrate everything.

Up in Flames

Emily gets her revenge with a bit of Nolan’s help. He keeps the author busy at a dinner meeting about writing Nolan’s own memoir. Meanwhile, Emily breaks into the author’s home and sets a huge, raging fire. At first, I thought — that’s it? Set his house on fire? It didn’t seem as dramatic as her previous acts — until I saw the author’s reaction and realized he only had one copy of his memoir’s manuscript. Smart.

And the Big Reveal

After Emily so smartly steals her father’s interview tapes, she’s going through them — specifically of her father talking about how six months ago, Victoria had given birth to a girl … and her name is Charlotte! Emily and Charlotte are half sisters!

Emily’s reaction is priceless — trying to keep it together but unable to mask the absolute shock on her face. While I didn’t see that coming, it certainly doesn’t surprise me that this show would include an illegitimate child. Still, it was really surprising that David did know the child was his.

So what will Emily do with this new information — more importantly, how will she use it to destroy Victoria? Did you see it coming? Will her future interactions with Charlotte be somewhat off or different? But ultimately, isn’t this a convoluted way of saying Emily and Daniel are related? If Emily is Charlotte’s half sister, and Charlotte is Daniel’s half sister, and Daniel and Emily are dating … ah, it’s making my head hurt.

Until next week, with a new, scheming episode of Revenge!

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

Esther Gim

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV