What will Revenge bring next?

With all of the twists and turns the show has taken over its first set of episodes, no one could possibly say for sure what Revenge has in store when episodes return in the New Year. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have theories about what is coming. Keep reading to find out some of the theories favored by the writers here at BuddyTV.

What’s up with Charlotte?
In the first half of Revenge’s first season, there wasn’t much purpose to young Charlotte Grayson. Sure, she’s had her star-crossed romance with Declan, and she has engaged in standard mother-daughter fighting with Victoria. But surely that can’t be all that Charlotte has to offer.

What if it isn’t? What if Charlotte is an essential piece in the puzzle that is Revenge?

What if Charlotte Grayson is actually the daughter of David Clarke?

That’s not a crazy theory if you think about it. The biggest clues so far:

  • Charlotte was born shortly after the framing of David Clarke. That can’t be a coincidence.
  • Victoria was actively engaged in an affair with David Clarke practically up to the moment of his arrest. A baby could certainly have been conceived.
  • Conrad Grayson does not seem to suspect Charlotte might not be his. But there’s also little evidence that Conrad ever knew the extent of his wife’s involvement with David Clarke.
  • Victoria has made it clear that she regretted Charlotte’s birth. Why would she have such negative feelings?

Of course, none of this is concrete. But it will be interesting to see what comes up as the divorce proceedings between Victoria and Conrad unfold.

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Will anyone — other than Nolan — learn Emily’s identity?
Emily’s real identity is, naturally, a secret from everyone at the moment. But could that change? If so, which of Revenge‘s major players might meet the real Emily Thorne?

  • Tyler: So far, Tyler has managed to ferret out almost every secret hidden in the Hamptons. It’s only a matter of time before he figures out Emily. At that point, it won’t be much fun to be Tyler.
  • Jack: Why is Jack on the beach when (presumably) Daniel dies? Learning the true identity of Emily could certainly lead to that. Plus, Jack is the only player in Revenge who might support Emily’s true goals.
  • Daniel: If Emily does fall in love with Daniel, she might reveal her secret. Then again, her entire relationship with Daniel is based on that lie. So maybe not.
  • Charlotte: If Charlotte is Emily’s half-sister (see above), the two might ally themselves at some point. Otherwise, there’s not much chance of Charlotte learning anything. Ever.
  • Victoria: Not this season. But, if future plots allow for it, how incredibly awesome would it be to see Emily and Victoria working together on a mission of destruction?

Revenge will return to ABC on Wednesday, January 4 at 10pm.

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