This week on Revenge, will this be the moment we’ve all been waiting for? Will Emily get her revenge, or will she be too busy trying to help Nolan?

‘Call Me Or I Die’

Emily pretends an intruder has come into her house at night, deftly stealing the important “client files” out of Daniel’s briefcase. She tells Daniel he’s a white-haired man, and he promptly tells his father.

It’s isn’t until the morning after that Emily realizes she can’t get a hold of Nolan. When she arrives at his place, where the door is ajar, there’s a note taped to his laptop that says “Call me or I die.” Dramatic, much?

Emily calls, revealing herself as Amanda Clarke and wanting a meeting. More importantly, a bloody Nolan can be seen off to the side!

Doing It for Her Father

The white-haired man takes Emily to the warehouse where Nolan is, but not without making her pass out first. While chained up next to Nolan, she sends the white-haired man off to find all the evidence she gathered. With him gone, Emily easily gets her and Nolan free, telling him to read the instructions she left for him at his house and carry them through while she stays behind waiting for the white-haired man to come back. Before he leaves, Emily tells Nolan that if she doesn’t make it out alive, tell Jack that she loves him.

Emily then waits for the man’s return with a giant axe on her lap.

When he returns, she goes all crazy axe lady on him in one fantastic fight scene. She manages to overpower him — but not before he gets some good punches in on her — and is holding him with the axe to his neck. But then she lets him go, saying she already got her revenge.

Mommy Dearest

Nolan gets the evidence inside the investigator’s car. He confronts Victoria with it, revealing that not only did Conrad frame David Clarke but she had him contracted to get killed too. Victoria believes Daniel was the one who turned over everything and confronts him about it. When he speaks badly of David, she slaps him!

Next, Victoria works on Lydia — given a promise ring by Conrad — as she prepares to go to Washington, D.C., to testify against Conrad. Victoria explains to her ex-friend that Conrad’s only using her and that he’ll turn against her, too, in the end. Lydia buys it — at the last minute making up a lie about her father having a heart attack so she won’t be able to leave with Conrad out of the country. Didn’t know Lydia had it in her!

Emily’s Heartbreak

Emily and Daniel break off the engagement after Ashley — surprise, surprise — blabs about the kiss. She then calls up Jack and goes to see him, “returning” Sammy’s collar. And out comes the fake Amanda Clarke … pregnant! Holy cow. How unexpected was that? I’m sure fake Amanda wanted that to happen, so that there was no way Jack would leave her. When Emily leaves, she breaks down. Aww, totally feel for her. Jack and Emily were now supposed to be together with Daniel out of the picture!

‘See You In Hell’

Conrad angrily confronts Victoria about not testifying, saying powers above him arranged for David Clarke’s murder, not him. He threatens her, saying if she goes through with it, it’ll be the last thing she does, uttering “See you in hell,” before she heads off for D.C. with Lydia. This happens all slowly and dramatically — ending with Charlotte watching the television of reports that the plane crashed and that Victoria was on it. She frantically calls Declan, but he doesn’t pick up, as Charlotte earlier had dug up some secrets about Declan’s girlfriend. Devastated, Charlotte passes out with pills by her.

A Final Twist

Emily is helpless over the whole crash, since all the evidence is on the plane. Handy dandy Nolan reveals that he made a backup of everything, and even shows her some video of Victoria talking about Emily’s mother. Nolan believes her mother is alive!

Esther Gim
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Esther Gim

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