Last season on Resurrection, we met the people who lived relatively normal lives in Arcadia, Missouri. That was the case until deceased loved ones began reappearing. Immigration agent J. Martin Bellamy (Marty) brings an 8-year-old boy, Jacob Langston, home who was found in China. He is reunited with his family, but it turns out that he died 30 years ago.

When more and more “returned” people start appearing, Sheriff Fred Langston calls in the Army to round them up. So how are these people reappearing, and why? ABC’s Resurrection sets up quite a mystery, and last season ended with Marty and Jacob being surrounded by soldiers.

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Marty’s Memory Lapse

When we kick off Resurrection season 2, “Revelation,” Marty wakes up, alone, in a swamp. He remembers flashes of a helicopter and people surrounding Jacob, who he was trying to protect. He also has a flash of memory of seeing the African American parents and their little girl standing on the side walk, waiting to be put on the bus by soldiers. It looks, for a moment, like he might remember them. Could Marty be the missing young boy with the crescent shaped birthmark?

In a frenzy, Marty goes to the Langston house and rings the bell. He stumbles inside, telling Henry and Lucille that Jacob was taken away. Suddenly, Marty hears Jacob’s voice and sees him standing on the stairs.

A Lost Week

Over what must be one of the most uncomfortable breakfasts ever, Marty recalls being in an interrogation room, and being given an injection of some kind. Oh, you know, normal breakfast conversation. Jacob was returned to the Langston’s by the soldiers, and Henry tells Marty that when they asked the authorities about him, the Langston’s were told that Marty was unstable. Any of the Returned with loved ones were allowed to stay in Arcadia, but the rest were taken away. Marty is shocked to find out that he has been gone for a week. The rest of the world is accusing the citizens of Arcadia of perpetrating a “zombie hoax.”

When Marty calls his boss at Immigration, she immediately asks for his location, so Marty hangs up. Marty is also suffering from mysterious chest pain.

It’s a Boy

Maggie gives Rachel an ultrasound, with Pastor Tom by her side. She finds out that she is having a boy, but the baby is growing at a rapid pace. We also learn that Maggie is no longer speaking with her father, Sheriff Fred Langston. Who can blame her after he ordered the Returned rounded up like cattle, including his own wife and nephew?

Reunited, and It Feels Good

Marty comes to the clinic to see Maggie, and she is thrilled to see him. She gives him a quick check-up, and Marty’s heart is fine. There is some serious chemistry between these two, and with Maggie’s physician friend back home in Maryland, they may have a chance for a real relationship. Marty is concerned that whoever interrogated him is not part of a government agency, and he fears they are searching for him. Maggie lets him bunk on her couch for the time being.

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The Town Drunk

Meanwhile, Sheriff Fred can’t get any respect at all and is ridiculed by Arcadia’s residents. He starts to open something in the glove box of his car, but instead tries to call Maggie, his daughter. When he can’t reach her, he takes to the alcohol bottles hidden in the glove box.

Deep Conversation

At Maggie’s apartment, Marty and Maggie seem right at home. When Maggie asks if he has ever been married, Marty tells her that he was engaged at one time, but that he is not the marrying kind. Maggie muses about how the dead returning has shaken everyone’s faith in God, the government, each other, and their own families.

Marty opens up about his past and confides in Maggie about David, a 9-year-old boy in a human trafficking case. David was killed by the bad guys because he was a witness. Marty, wracked with guilt, asked David’s father how he could keep his faith after such a horrible loss. The man replied that when, at his lowest place, fear no longer existed. Without fear, limits didn’t exist, and that was God.

Toni, Marty’s boss, calls him on Maggie’s phone and says that she has answers for him and that he should meet her in Chicago the next day. This sounds like a trap to me!

Hello, Grandma!

Its night and Jacob is on the move. He goes to the cemetery, and finds his grandmother standing at the family crypt. The next morning, Henry discovers his mother in the backyard, complaining about the gardening and condition of the house. They tenderly embrace. I find it creepy that she looks much younger than her son.

 Margaret recounts how she remembers being in her hospital bed, and then being at her grave and seeing Jacob. It sounds as if Margaret died before Jacob. Lucille doesn’t seem thrilled that her mother-in-law is back. Margaret is upset that there is a rift between Fred and Henry because Fred called in the Army. 

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Hey, Bartender

Fred finally sees Maggie on the street. Maggie gives him a dressing down about how he tried to orchestrate having his wife and nephew carted away. When Marty appears, a boozy Fred rushes at him, but misses him. He challenges Marty to a fight, and Marty lets him off with a warning about his drinking.

Later that night, Fred is at the bar where Elaine works, and he is inebriated when he gets the call from Henry about their mother’s return. Fred tells his brother that it is not her and hangs up. Elaine gives Fred a ride home in his squad car, but first they make a stop at an old building to toss rocks at the windows and he even lets Elaine shoot his gun.  Fred tries to kiss Elaine’s neck but she moves away. Elaine is his daughter’s best friend. Not cool, Fred! Not cool!

Don’t Count on Me

Marty arrives at the restaurant in Chicago to meet Toni. He looks around the crowded bar and sees the mysterious woman involved in his interrogation, and also a man who guarded him. They move in on him, but Marty narrowly escapes. Marty later finds Toni and confronts her in a parking garage. She tells him that she was told that he escaped psychiatric evaluation. Toni tells him that he needs help, but she is turning her back on him.

Mothers and Sons

Margaret talks with Jacob and urges him not to tell people that he has the ability to feel other Returned people. Margaret also speaks with Henry about why Fred hates her, and she thinks it is because he was passed over to run the family business. She is shocked to find out that while she was in a coma, Fred visited her every day, just like Henry.

Fred sits alone in his room, holding a photo of his wife and Maggie. He picks up his gun, but then his mother enters the room. When he tells her that she is not his real mother, she slaps him across the face. Oh, I love such sweet family reunions. Finally, she removes the gun from his hand and hugs him.

A Memory Recovered

Marty enters his apartment, and finds the mysterious woman sitting in the dark. She states that she only wants to talk. She tells him that the Returned are safe – for now. She wants him to return to Acadia and keep her apprised of the situation there. She makes a cryptic remark of needing to see him “for visual confirmation.” She says that they will be in touch, and if he refuses he will be put with the “rest of them.”

She leaves and Marty recalls being in a fight in custody. We later see him in a morgue, on a coroner’s table, with a gunshot wound to the chest.

What did you think of the Resurrection season 2 premiere, “Revelation”? Is Marty definitely one of the Returned? Is there still a chance he is the missing child with the crescent-shaped birthmark?

Resurrection airs Sundays at 9pm on ABC.

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