Are you ready for another crossover between The Vampire Diaries and The Originals? One is coming pretty early in the latter’s second season, in episode 5, airing Monday, November 3, and E! Online reports that Nina Dobrev is the one crossing over this time.

Last year saw a couple of crossovers between the shows. Michael Trevino appeared on The Originals as Tyler sought revenge, and then Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies and Claire Holt appeared in TVD‘s 100th episode.

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Does that mean Elena’s popping over to New Orleans or will there will be a flashback with Katherine? No, instead, Dobrev is going to playing a different doppelganger in flashbacks, one that further explores how the brothers (on both shows) fall in love with the same woman over and over. “There was a character’s name introduced a long time ago in season three in association with Klaus [Joseph Morgan] and Elijah [Daniel Gillies] and how they became vampires and a girl that they both loved a long time ago who was the original doppelganger, Tatia,” Julie Plec explained to E! Online, later adding, “There’s lots of secrets and scandal and romance and terrible tragedy attached to her character. We’ll get to go back into the past to see how that all played out.”

Why is the crossover happening now when Tatia was only briefly mentioned years ago? “The character of Tatia is part of their history and is kind of a dangling chad,” Plec said. It’s something they haven’t paid off as of yet, and now they’re doing just that.

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Check out the clip from The Vampire Diaries season 3 of Klaus and Elijah talking about Tatia to Stefan and Damon:

“When our family first settled here, there was a girl named Tatia. She was an exquisite beauty,” Elijah explained in “Bringing Out the Dead.” “None loved her more than Niklaus.” However, Klaus argued, “I’d say there was one who loved her at least as much.” To end their feud over her, their mother took her and used her blood for her spell to turn them into vampires. “Tatia wouldn’t make a decision between the two of us, so for a time, Niklaus and I grew estranged,” Elijah continued. “Harsh words were traded. We even came to blows.” Is that a preview of what will play out in the flashbacks on The Originals?

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The Originals premieres Monday, October 6 at 8pm on the CW.

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