The main idea that dead people could come back to life is already baffling as it is but, based on the mysterious events that transpired in the first season of ABC’s Resurrection, it seems that it’s just the tip of the iceberg. But before more mysteries and questions start piling up for season 2, ABC will be airing a 22-minute special that aims to give an in-depth look at the first season. This will ultimately give fans a chance to catch up on the twisted happenings in Arcadia, Missouri and serve as an introduction to viewers who are new to the series. The special, which is entitled Resurrection: A Second Chance, will air on Sunday, September 28 at 3:30/2:30c on ABC.

The New Reality

Resurrection season 2, as the promos suggest, will make room for more of “the returned,” also known as people who came back from the dead. While this premise is nothing new and shocking considering this is also the foundation of the first season, series creator Aaron Zelmon points out the difference. “In Season 1, so much happens so quickly – it was eight or nine days – so it was very reactive,” Zelmon tells TV Line. “Whereas Season 2 is a bit more, ‘OK this is the new reality– now how do we live with this? What does it mean that people can come back? And what does it mean that people who came back can disappear?’ What does it mean for doctors like Maggie to treat people who are terminal knowing maybe they’re not terminal? It throws everything on its head. You’re going to see a lot more characters dealing with that new reality.” 

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Mark Hildreth Talks Pastor Tom

Among those characters dealing with this new reality is Pastor Tom Hale, who initially was a skeptic about the returned. However, he seems to have a change of heart as the residents of Arcadia welcome more people who from the dead, including his ex-fiancee, Rachael, who committed suicide 12 years ago.  

“Tom is a very flawed person who has this deep moral need to do the right thing,” Tom’s portrayer Mark Hildreth told The Huffington Post.”In the story of Resurrection, this puts him into a kind of Hamlet situation, where he isn’t sure what to do because doing the right thing is a very difficult thing. From the beginning, we wanted to make Tom very human, and not some mystic or just a nice ‘pastor’ guy who gives good advice to people.”

Hildreth pitched in some ideas with the writers regarding his character possibly having a dark backstory. “A lot of those ideas ended up in our show,” he added. “To me, Tom represents what’s best about being human – he’s an ordinary guy trying his best to do the right thing against the adversity of those around him who would use fear and violence to get what they want.”

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As for Hildreth’s message to all the Resurrection fans out there, he says “we’re really going to KILL it this season!”

Meanwhile, check out this eerie teaser featuring Jacob Langston.

Resurrection returns for its second season on Sunday, September 28 at 9/8c on ABC.

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