Parenthood‘s fifth season left us with a lot of cliffhangers. Is Amber really pregnant? Will Joel and Julia reconcile? How will Adam and Kristina open a school on their own?

We’ll be getting some of the answers to these questions on September 25 when Parenthood returns for the show’s sixth season premiere titled “Vegas.” Because why shouldn’t the Braverman clan have a little fun in sin city?

#7 Zeek and Sarah Share a Toast

Are they in Vegas?

#6 Christina Looks Around

Are they working on converting the empty building into a school?

#5 Drew and Natalie Paint

I guess the school has become a Braverman family project. Also it looks like Drew and Natalie are still together so…there’s that.

#4 Adam Smiles

Who is he looking at?

#3 Kristina and Max

#2 Hank

What’s going on between Hank and Sarah?

#1 The Bravermans

The many, many faces of the Braverman family.

Morgan Glennon

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV