Marty turned in the bones of the newly recovered Returned to his government boss, in order to view his corpse, in the previous episode of Resurrection. His reaction was one of pure horror, rather than the closure he was hoping for. I am sure he is also hoping that Maggie will forgive him for having the bones taken away.

This week’s episode of Resurrection, “Old Scars,” begins with a red-headed man in a leg brace running through the woods, with a group of men and dogs in hot pursuit. The group is dressed in dated clothing, possibly from the 1930s. One of them also has a rope noose, so I am guessing they are not chasing this man to have a heart to heart chat. He is hanged, right in front of a young girl in a white dress. Flash to the present, and Margaret is there, staring at the same tree with the same expressionless look. Creepy!

A Sad Anniversary

Now we are back in the present day, as a somber Lucille gets out of bed and puts on a black dress. The clock shows that that the date is October 28.  She goes out on the porch to get some herbs for breakfast, but she is teary. Margaret is there and encourages her daughter-in-law to sit down. 

It is the anniversary of Jacob’s death. Lucille tells Margaret that she always brought flowers to Jacob’s grave and then would go for a walk by the river. Margaret acknowledges Lucille’s sorrow that she has felt for 32 years. She also suggests that the family gather for a meal together, to turn a sad day into a better one. Margaret is even going to make pork chops and apple soup, which are Jacob’s favorites. Okay, Margaret is being too nice. What is her agenda?

Hiding the Truth

Meanwhile, Marty is still crashing on Maggie’s couch. She asks Marty how the government found out that the bones were from Returned people. Marty shrugs it off as the perils of living in a small town. She asks if he spoke to his government contact after the bones were taken, and Marty tells her that they didn’t say anything about it.

Marty does have an idea for identifying the bones, though. Since they know that they are from the 1930s, and one victim had a knee or leg problem, and that one was Caucasian and the other was African American, Marty is going into deep research mode to try and find their identities.

Support and Acceptance

Rachel and Janine, Pastor Tom’s estranged wife, run into each other at the store. Janine helps Rachel choose the best prenatal vitamins. Rachel also tells Janine that she will be getting a place of her own soon, and thanks her for letting her stay at her house. Suddenly, Rachel collapses in agony, and Janine calls for help.

Some Things Never Change

Sheriff Fred is at the diner, watching a cockroach flit between the salt and pepper shakers. Soon, Margaret arrives, to brighten the day with cheerful observations about how dirty the place still is. Fred wants to know if Margaret knows anything about the bones since they were found under the factory floor. Margaret wonders if they could have been there when the factory was built, but Fred shoots down that theory because of the age of the bones.

Margaret changes the subject and tells Fred about the family dinner. Maggie is going, and dear mother guilts Fred into attending by reminding him that she could disappear tomorrow. Margaret sweeps into the Langston kitchen and informs everyone that Fred and Maggie are also coming. Lucille looks aggravated, and I don’t blame her.

Strange Connections

Marty is doing research and finds an old article detailing a fatal truck accident at the factory, and when he looks at the picture, he spies a familiar face.

Maggie examines Rachel at the clinic, with Tom and Janine there for support. Maggie is surprised that the baby is actually twice the size it should be. Janine and Tom bring Rachel home to rest. Janine tells her husband that Rachel can stay, due to her condition. Tom must feel like he is a bizarre episode of Three’s Company.

Jacob’s Tantrum

Jacob is upset that his Aunt Barbara, Fred’s wife, won’t be at the dinner. He wants to apologize for not saving her. A frustrated Lucille tries to explain that this is a complicated, adult situation, but Jacob insists that he wants her there. Jacob knocks a glass off the table in anger, then says that he is sorry.

Henry goes to see Barbara and tells her that those who are Returned have the ability to “heal old wounds.” He asks for a favor for Jacob.

The Root of the Problem

A sad Lucille is cheered up by Margaret, who tells her that she had difficulties with Fred as a child, and that once her son met Barbara as a teenager, everything got worse and they grew apart. Margaret is unwilling to let go of the past. I have a feeling this dinner party is going to be so much fun!

The Fruits of Research

Fred returns to Marty’s closet — I mean office — and gives Marty the coroner’s report. Fred wants to know why Marty is researching the trucking accident. Marty shows him the red-headed man in the photo with the leg brace because he thinks it is one of the recently found men. Arthur, one of the Returned who said he died in a fire and later disappeared, is also in the old newspaper photograph. Fred leaves Marty to his work and pulls out the small bone that he found in the factory. Again, not too creepy. Yikes!

Dinner — With a Side of Drama

Everyone begins arriving at the Langstons’ home for the dinner party. There is a knock at the door, and Jacob opens it and joyfully greets Barbara. Lucille casts an angry look at Henry as he invites Barbara, and her rhubarb pie, into the house. Jacob apologizes for not being able to save Barbara, and they tenderly embrace. Margaret comes down the stairs in a Scarlett O’Hara-style entrance. As the guests head to the dining room, Lucille makes a remark about their surprise guest: Barbara.

More Lies

Fred wastes no time when he and his mother are alone, and asks Margaret if she knew an Arthur Homes who worked at the factory when she was a child. She denies knowing him and tells Fred that his active imagination may have something to do with the entire scenario of the bones coming from the factory.

Later, Rachel mentions to her father that Marty is still working on identifying the bones. Fred mentions Arthur Homes, and Maggie says that Margaret not only remembers who he was, but visited him at the clinic.

Planting the Seed

At the dinner, when Lucille goes to fetch another bottle of wine, Margaret goes into the kitchen to help her. Margaret is furious that Barbara is there and states that all of the family turmoil started because of “that girl.” Lucille is still upset that Fred tried to take Jacob away.

Margaret stands up to make a toast and mentions each person by name, omitting Barbara until Jacob reminds her. Awkward! Margaret reveals that the reason she has returned is so that she can unite the family again. Really? I thought her purpose was to divide the Langston family by planting the seeds of doubt, and past pain, among the members. Margaret is diabolical in her plotting.

Lucille Lashes Out

While Barbara and Fred reminisce about Maggie as a baby, Lucille tells Barbara that she killed her son. It is difficult to watch the sadness and anger showing on Lucille’s face. Lucille says that if Barbara had ended the affair with Sam, Jacob would never have been at the river when Barbara was. When Barbara says that she apologized, Lucille snaps, “Not to me you didn’t.”

Lucille is bitter that she lost so many years with her son and that he should be at the dinner with his own wife and children. Barbara storms out, followed by Fred and Maggie. Margaret looks pleased at the result of the trainwreck she set in motion. Fred and Barbara talk outside, and Barbara asks Fred if he was the one who found her body. When she sees the sadness on his face, she kisses him, while Maggie watches from the porch.

An Ominous Turn

Marty leaves Fred a message that he is heading over to the factory to investigate. Suddenly, Fred appears and asks Marty if he found anything. They hear a noise and find Deputy Carl’s brother, Mikey. He has been dead for 15 years, is one of the Returned and he is sick. He is not alone. The clinic is filling with Returned patients who are all sick.

Bedtime Story

Jacob is sad that Barbara left without saying goodbye. So Margaret tells Jacob a bedtime story about a village where everyone was happy until demons came. A brave few, including a little girl, got together to try and kill the demons. Hanging, shooting and fire didn’t work because the demons came back, but eventually the villagers discovered the secret of how to kill the demons. The little girl was the last person who knew the secret, even after she herself became a demon. Margaret knows the secret of how to kill the Returned?

Is she planning to get rid of the Returned? What is causing the Returned to become ill? Tune in next week to Resurrection find out!

Resurrection airs Sunday at 9pm on ABC.

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