NCIS fans, it has been a long time since we have seen Tony in a romantic relationship. We saw the long- awaited kiss between Tony and Ziva when he said goodbye to her in Israel.  Since then, we have seen Tony go through several life changes. Looks like CBS’ NCIS is setting up a possible new love interest for Tony on the horizon.

Is Tony finally ready to start dating, and maybe even settle down? Let’s look at the reasons why Tony is finally ready for a love connection.

Ziva’s Been Gone a Long Time

I know, “Tiva” fans, that some people (including me) just can’t see anyone else for Tony except Ziva. It has been frustrating that there has been no mention of communication between Tony and Ziva by email, phone, or mail. I find that a bit odd.

It is time for us “Tiva” fans to accept the fact that Ziva is not coming back, and she said goodbye a long time ago. It seems like he is truly over Ziva, so why not have Tony find a new love?

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Tony’s Personal Growth

Last season on NCIS we saw Tony mature and grow as a person. He began attending a men’s group to broaden his horizons and form friendships. Tony was able, with Gibbs’ encouragement, to give his father his blessing on his engagement. Although he did flirt with a few women, there was also a sense that Tony had matured a bit, and was more thoughtful about the direction of his life. In Ziva’s absence, Tony got to know himself, and what he wants.

Tony is Lonely

Tony, along with Gibbs and Ducky, are the only single members of the team. McGee and Delilah are in a committed relationship, and Abby seems like she wants to date that park ranger, Moore. Bishop is married to her husband, Jake. I think that Tony deserves some real happiness, too. With all that love flowing around him, I am sure that he must feel a bit lonely.

Not Another Work-Place Romance

Tony has a habit of falling for the women he works with. First, he crushed on Kate. Then, he and Ziva’s chemistry simmered during their many cases together. Their relationship was one of the dynamics that made the show interesting.

On the previous episode of NCIS, “Choke Hold,” FBI Special Agent Leia Pendergast (Stephanie Jacobsen) was introduced and worked a case as Tony’s partner. Pendergast is also rumored to be a new love interest for Tony. Sadly, Tony’s track record with romancing women that he works with has not turned out very well for him. Maybe he should be looking for someone in a different profession?

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Is Pendergast the Right Woman for Tony?

This is a difficult question to answer. Initially, I sort of liked the chemistry between them during their first meeting, when Tony was guarding the men’s room door. Once Pendergast and Tony really got into the case and traded movie and television references, the chemistry felt forced. She is a tough cookie who doesn’t shy away from anyone, even Gibbs.

Tony also asked for her phone number twice, but Pendergast told him to find it. I like that she didn’t give in to him easily, because Tony certainly seems to enjoy the chase. He even acknowledged that Pendergast is “his type.” Is she a good match for Tony? I don’t feel like she is, but this is just their first assignment, so perhaps Pendergast’s character will become more appealing.

So, what do you think? Is Tony finally ready for some romance in his life, or is he still too devastated by losing Ziva?

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