Once Upon a Time has already taken us to the Enchanted Forest of old and new and Neverland. We’ve seen glimpses of Oz and now Arendelle. We’ve heard the stories of Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and Little Red Riding Hood. So are there any lands and legends left unturned that Once Upon a Time can visit (or even revisit)? Here are five suggestions that would make good half seasons stories for our fairy tale heroes.


While it’s a little too soon after Frozen for Once Upon a Time to visit the land of Narnia, this would be a good place to have at least one story happen. From the singing of the world to the White Witch who casts an eternal winter, the land is full of interesting characters. Of course, the featured player would be Henry but who would join him? Would he fall into Narnia or would Peter, Susan, Lucy and Edmund come to Storybrooke? To encounter the White Witch, Narnia needs to come into play. Henry could easily be substituted for Peter but who makes up his band. Dorothy didn’t cross over (yet) and we can’t wait for baby Neal to grow up. Who would join Henry on his trip to Narnia or would Emma and Regina go through to save Henry from the White Witch?

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The Land of the Troll King of the Labyrinth

Once Upon a Time rolled out (literally) the trolls in the Frozen version and they were so reminiscent of David Bowie’s movie, Labyrinth. Henson Productions created the muppet trolls for that movie and they were so similar to the troll king that we could have the King of the Trolls visit. Add to that the fact that the story revolves around a teenage girl who feels threatened by her baby brother. Just change the script slightly. Have the Troll King (could we get Bowie) steal baby Neal because of his importance to Storybrooke and the Enchanted Forest. Savior Emma must go on a quest to find him. This would make a good story especially if Bowie appeared and performed.


Many remember the story of the Golden Apple that was to be awarded to the fairest goddess. What if Zeus decided that he didn’t want the goddesses involved and decided to play a similar game in Storybrooke. Suddenly, there is a “beauty” contest to decide the fairest of them all. The contestants are Emma, Elsa (or Red) and Regina (of course). We get the magic mirror “fairest in the land” theme and the Greek gods laughing at the mere mortals and the beauty contest. Throw in Paris visiting the land and eyeing Emma. Hook would go ballistic immediately. Could Zeus handle a mere mortal going after the youth Paris? And how would the three ladies who have a power play into the story?


We all want to know more about Zelena. Did she really die or just go back to Oz to plot some more devilish behavior? How does Dorothy fit in this story and what are her ties to Storybrooke? What happened to the other witches? If the Wizard died on Emma’s New York roof, then who flew the balloon back to Kansas? So many questions left unanswered upon Zelena’s disappearance. Let’s revisit Oz and learn some more secrets and find out just where Zelena is? Is she gone or in hiding like the Wicked Witch of the West in Wicked? Do we learn more about the Witch of the North. Can we see the Yellow Brick Road and Emerald City? Plus there are still several books in the series that can be revisited.

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We thought we met Lancelot during season two of Once Upon a Time only to learn it was Cora playing with minds. Where are the residents of Camelot? Are they a part of the Storybook land or have they remained behind living under Merlin’s spell. If they awaken, will the round table expand beyond the realm of the Enchanted Forest to our world.? If so, which one of our beloved Neverland band would make the cut? I think Charming would but will Hook be redeemed. And how about a good old fashion face off between Rumple and Merlin.

What do you think? What land would you like Once Upon a Time to visit next? 

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Linda Martindale

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