More claws are about to come out in the world of the Real Housewives. Joanna Krupa, star of The Real Housewives of Miami,  has hired an attorney as she plans to sue Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville for slander, libel and for claiming she has a smelly vagina. Yes, you read it right– a smelly vagina.

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The feud between Joanna and Brandi stems back to 2013 when Brandi claimed that Joanna slept with Yolanda Foster’s now ex-husband Mohamed Hadid in an episode of Watch What Happens Live. Brandi also made a comment about Joanna’s odorous nether regions.

E! News has obtained a letter from Joanna’s attorney Raymond Rafool which reads: “As you are aware, on November 11, 2013, on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, you falsely accused Mrs. Krupa of having sex with Mohamed Hadid while he was in an intact marriage to Yolanda Foster (i.e. adultery) and that Mohamed Hadid told you that Mrs. Krupa’s ‘p–sy smelled,’ claiming that such was the truth and that Lisa Vanderpump was there when Mr. Hadid said such to you. At the time you made false and malicious statements on national and international television…you knew your statements were false and that such were damaging and humiliating to Mrs. Krupa and/or her husband and subjected Mrs. Krupa and/or her husband to hatred, ridicule, contempt and/or injury to her/his/their reputation.” 

“You again falsely stated that Mrs. Krupa’s vagina was of bad odor asking Andy Cohen, in relation to Mrs. Krupa, if he got food poisoning from bad sushi and ending your statements by saying that Mrs. Krupa is stunning, ‘you can’t help the odor situation,'” the letter states. 

According to Rafool, Joanna is tired of Brandi’s accusations. “It’s not true and she is tired of Brandi Glanville humiliating her on purpose,” he told E! News. “My client doesn’t even know this woman, that is why we are suing her. We have had it. We are fed up with this.” 

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Dean Bextor

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