The ladies of the Real Housewives are always ready for a fight! Here are some updates on who has been fighting whom in the RH ring lately:

Family Feud

It looks like The Real Housewives of New Jersey isn’t the only cast with public family problems. Ever since Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak kicked her mother out of her wedding party last November, the Zolciak family have been having it out in a very public matter. First, Kim’s mother, Karen Zolciak, tried to file a lawsuit for the right to see her grandchildren. Now that that’s been denied, her father, Joe Zolciak, is on the warpath.

“Kim is a pathological liar, period,” Joe told TMZ. “I will not tolerate her trying to make a mockery of my wife or our family any further. We are completely humiliated by all the lies she has put in the media.”

Joe even called out Kim for being an unfit parent and a bad role model, saying,”She has been married twice and has three different fathers for her four children. Let’s face the facts.”

Kim’s lawyer issued a statement on her behalf, saying that she is “hearbroken and saddened by the derogatory and spiteful statements made by her mother and father. She cannot comprehend for what rational purpose her parents have decided to humiliate their grandchildren’s mother in such a public display of hatred and fabrications.”

Good luck ever meeting baby Kash, Grandma Karen and Grandpa Joe.

Bad Ex-Boyfriend

According to TMZ, Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi was granted a three-year restraining order against Jay Photoglou, a man who was claiming to be her ex-boyfriend. She won a judgement against him last week after he trashed her in the media, claiming that he slept with her while she was still with her fiance (who has since passed away from Leukemia). Gretchen was rewarded $500,000 from Photoglou, who was charged for “assault, stalking and infliction of emotional distress.”

The restraining order states that Photoglou must stay more than 100 feet away from Gretchen, so I guess that rules out a cameo for him on the next season of RHOC. Now that would have made for some crazy drama!

Unbecoming Behavior

Taylor Armstrong’s drunken behavior on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills seems to be more obvious every week. And new housewife Yolanda Hadid, for one, was not impressed by it.

“Sitting at the dinner table, I could see the alcohol was taking effect and I could feel the negative energy starting to rise,” Yolanda wrote on her Bravo blog. “Taylor, of course, has to trash Brandi once again. She seems to love to do that, preferably behind her back. What really rubbed me the wrong way is the attitude and audacity with which she came into our home and started acting rudely and being disrespectful to my husband, who she never even met!”

But we may not have to live with Taylor’s face-palming antics for much longer. It seems as though she will be phased out over the course of this season.

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(Image and video courtesy of Bravo)

Gina Pusateri

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV