Gretchen Rossi of Real Housewives of Orange County has spent the last three seasons feuding with co-star Tamra Barney. Even though the two met in the first episode to bury the hatchet, many fans are wary to accept the new friendship. Now Gretchen’s taking to her Bravo blog to silence the doubters.

Gretchen explains that their quick friendship was as unexpected for her as it was for fans.

“As I watched myself last season on the show I saw a woman that wasn’t me. I saw a woman that was angry, resentful, and had become negative in some ways,” Gretchen writes about the constant back-and-forth between her and Tamra. “I have always been an upbeat positive person and I realized that I no longer wanted to allow anyone to rob me of my own joy. No matter how bad the pain, no matter how harsh the accusations, I just realized I had to let it go in order for my own spirit to repair itself.”

Gretchen also confesses that it took an “Act of God” to learn to forgive Tamra.

“I was attending church after the reunion show one weekend and the sermon was about forgiveness. The pastor said, ‘When we do not allow ourselves to forgive we only hurt ourselves.’ This resonated with me deeply,” she wrote. “That’s when the healing began. It allowed me to see what I did wrong and to ask for forgiveness as well. Please, rest assured that at this point it was a great decision and I am so grateful that Tamra and I could forgive one another and get to know one another all over again without any outside influences affecting us. That doesn’t mean Tamra and I don’t hit some bumps along the road or question if we can really learn to trust one another again. However I value the new friendship we have found.”

Although Gretchen and Tamra seem to be getting along well in their newfound friendship, Gretchen still holds some animosity toward Vicki. Gretchen thinks that Vicki acts as if the “rules only apply to everyone else but herself.”

“The Scorpio in me cannot help but notice the irony in Vicki’s snide remarks of how disrespectful we were to her as the host,” Gretchen wrote about her and some of the other girls’ dislike of the Cajun food served at Vicki’s party. “Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t having a themed-out ‘Southern Celebration in honor of my new love’ party a tad bit disrespectful to the man you were married to for 16 years who is still technically living there with you?”

Vicki, who is now dating Brooks Ayers while still living in the same house with her soon-to-be-ex-husband Donn, may need an etiquette lesson, in Gretchen’s opinion.

“I am not quite sure she should be judging our etiquette at her party when it probably would have been proper etiquette (not to mention a lot more respectful to Donn) to have this party at a different location,” she wrote. “Her actions sometimes make me wonder if Vicki is just reading a different version of an etiquette book, one that states you should hold the way you treat your dinner host in higher regard then the way you treat your husband of 16 years.”

Oh snap! And in a preview of things to come, it looks as though Gretchen will lose even more respect for Vicki. Lose one nemesis, gain another…

Gina Pusateri
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Gina Pusateri

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