In two weeks, we will get the official news of which celebrities will compete in Dancing with the Stars season 14. But for now, all we have are rumors. Lots and lots of rumors… Fortunately, some of those rumors are starting to look a little more promising. Which stars might appear in Dancing with the Stars season 14? Keep reading to find out.

DISCLAIMER: I’m just reporting rumors here. Please don’t get angry if I turn out to be totally wrong. It’s not my fault if everyone in Hollywood gossips idly on this topic.

Two celebrity names have suddenly become a lot more possible as DWTS season 14 competitors. And one of them wasn’t even on anybody’s list before this past weekend!

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A Singer for DWTS Season 14?
According to the words of a friend, singer Gavin DeGraw will be participating in Dancing with the Stars in season 14. Ryan Tedder, the frontman for the band OneRepublic spilled the beans while on the red carpet for the Grammy Awards. Tedder told The Hollywood Reporter that, “Gavin DeGraw is doing Dancing with the Stars, I heard.”

Ryan Tedder — who produced Adele’s Grammy-winning album, 21 — has collaborated with Gavin DeGraw in the past and is known to be a friend of the singer. Gavin DeGraw is a singer-songwriter who has risen to prominence in the past decade for songs like “Chariot” and “Follow Through.” Another of his songs, “I Don’t Want to Be,” is well-known as the theme song for the long-running CW series, One Tree Hill.

Could DeGraw soon be known for Dancing with the Stars as well?

Nothing But Rumors
Another rumored DWTS season 14 contestant could be the source of his own rumors. Celebrity blogger and perennial rumor-mongerer Perez Hilton has shown up on several lists of potential Dancing with the Stars celebrities. And now there’s some possible verification of that.

On the evening of Saturday, February 11, Perez Hilton was spotted dancing with DWTS pro dancer Lacey Schwimmer. A photo of the couple — dancing — was posted online by Haute Event, thus immediately boosting Hilton’s DWTS probabilities.

But it’s all just rumors.

Other Statements
While most of the celebrity world has managed to stay quiet so far, a couple of sports stars have mentioned their DWTS status of late. New York Giants football star Victor Cruz said that Dancing with the Stars producers had contacted him but that he had turned down the offer (preferring to focus on football for some reason).

Meanwhile, another football player, Vince Young — the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles — posted about his own DWTS invitation on Twitter. And then the post was deleted, a common sign of actual participation.

Will these rumors turn out to be true? We’ll find out when ABC officially announces the cast of Dancing with the Stars season 14 during Good Morning America on Tuesday, February 28.

Who do you want to see on DWTS season 14? Let us know in the comments!

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