Siggly Flicker already announced that fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey will see a different side of “The Sig” when the show returns for season eight. At the time, her teaser was vague since she didn’t really reveal much but now her position in the upcoming season is becoming pretty clear.

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Flicker, who served as the peace maker last season, basically slammed her co-stars and painted herself as the outsider this season.

“Everybody is just horrible,” Flicker told Radar. “You’re going to see a whole new side to Siggy Flicker.”

“My whole life people would always flock to me because I have this energy about me. I couldn’t be a peace maker this season. I felt like I was the one being attacked,” she continued.

So just how bad is it for Flicker? She said her allegiance with Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga were tested “over and over again.” She also had a falling out with new cast member¬†Margaret Josephs, whom she called a social climber.

“All the drama comes tom my front door. We live in the same town. I was introduced to her by a friend. Look, I don’t know how to be phony or fake, I just know how to be me,” said Flicker, who was blindsided by Josephs during filming.

Josephs is a home accessories designer and lifestyle expert based in New Jersey. Radar reports that Josephs’ casting comes on the heels of Jacqueline Laurita’s recent exit from the series.

“I was her cheerleader and she ended up coming at me several times throughout the season, Flicker said of the new girl. “She’s thirsty and wants to be on the show. I just wanted to have a nice vacation with Teresa, Melissa and the new girl. Teresa’s mother had just died, it was Melissa’s birthday. I wanted the new girl to join us because I thought ‘the more the merrier.’ I was wrong. It got out of control and I was so upset. So many lines were crossed this season.”

“These women have entitlement issues,” Flicker added. “The season started out ‘let’s pick on the peace maker.’ I bring on this new girl who wants to be with Teresa and Melissa. The new girl, she’s a social climber. Did I do anything wrong? She crossed a line.This girl and I do not have good chemistry.”

“I don’t talk to her,” said Flicker, who hasn’t interacted with Joseph since filming wrapped up. “Once you have toxic energy I block you out of my life.”¬†

Despite her unusual position this season, Flicker remains a fighter.

“I’m not backing down. Every storyline is against me this season,” she said.

“At one point, everybody but Teresa and Dolores [Catania] turn on me,” Flicker added. “My confessionals are going to be out of this world… I went from peace maker to warrior.”

What do you think of Flicker’s revelations? Are you surprised?

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Dean Bextor

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