Paul has won his second HoH competition on Big Brother 19 in the first five weeks, once again controlling the house. But is this a good thing?

The short answer is “No.” Paul’s early competition dominance is usually a very bad sign because it will only set him up as a huge target later on. Throughout the history of the show, there have been 13 other times that someone has won two of the first five HoH competitions, and it rarely ends well.

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From that list, more than half of them didn’t even make it to the Top 6. Season 17’s Shelli Poole became the first member of the jury, being evicted in 11th place after winning two early competitions (and finishing second in another, just like Paul did in week 1). Six of the HGs on this list finished in 7th,  8th or 9th, which definitely makes that the sweet spot for where these types of players usually end up.

Rachel Reilly in season 13, another returning player, is the only one to do this and win the game while Janelle Pierzina on All-Stars and season 17’s Vanessa Rousso are the only other two-time early HoHs to reach the Final 3.

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Here’s the complete list of all the HGs who have won two of the first five HoH competitions, and how they did in the game.

1st: Season 13’s Rachel Reilly
3rd: Season 7’s Janelle Pierzina and season 17’s Vanessa Rousso
4th: Season 2’s Hardy Ames-Hill
5th: Season 16’s Frankie Grande
6th: Season 9’s James Zinkand
7th: Season 12’s Matt Hoffman and season 14’s Frank Eudy
8th: Season 15’s Aaryn Gries and season 18’s Paulie Calafiore
9th: Season 11’s Jessie Godderz and season 12’s Rachel Reilly
11th: Season 17’s Shelli Poole

The other problem for Paul is that the person who wins the week 5 HoH competition has NEVER gone on to win the game. Interesting, this statistic also holds true for the person who wins the week 2 HoH and the week 2 PoV, both of which Paul won as well.

Looking at all of the statistics and all of the numbers, it definitely seems like Paul is heading for a crash and burn in 4-5 weeks.

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