Thursday’s eviction episode of Big Brother 19 ended with a bombshell. After Ramses went home and Paul won HoH, Jessica revealed to the entire house that she received the third Temptation and it will keep her and Cody safe for a few weeks. But Paul doesn’t believe her and, because he needs to be in complete control of everything, he’s desperate to find out what it is and comes up with multiple plans for one week.

There’s also the new Temptation Competition which gives HGs the choice to play for immunity or to become the third nominee.

Paul’s Plan A

Paul is upset that Jessica’s revelation assumed he would nominate her and Cody. She responds that people have betrayed her and she’s just saying that they’re safe. She is confident that they aren’t going on the block because Paul is a vet so he’ll figure out what she has and won’t want to waste his HoH. Paul, however, doesn’t believe them and wants to call her bluff. Jason and Alex agree.

Meanwhile, Elena and Mark are pissed about the blindside because it means people were lying to them and they’re outsiders. Also, we see Josh terrorizing Mark before the eviction, banging pots and pans and acting like a crazy person.

Paul’s Plan B

Cody then decides to go talk to Paul about how Mark is a good guy who is loyal to him, Elena and Paul. Cody thinks this will protect Mark and make Paul feel safe with them. It has the opposite effect and Paul now wants to target Mark as well.

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Paul talks to his secret alliance partner, Alex. He reveals that, if he can’t put Cody and Jessica on the block, his back-up plan is Mark and Elena, with Mark as the target. Then Paul talks to Elena and tells her to pivot away from Mark because he’s bad for her game. She buys this, hook, line and sinker, even telling her that he can “re-invite her into a bigger plan.”

This leads to a minor fight between Mark and Elena. Mark wants to ride with Cody and Jessica but Elena wants to go with the rest of the house. She’s says in the diary room that she didn’t quit her job to throw away her game for some guy she met 40 days ago.

The Temptation Competition

The HGs are finally told about the Curse released by the final Den of Temptation, a new competition they can choose to play in where the winner gets immunity and the last place person is automatically on the block as a third nominee.

Jessica doesn’t want her or Cody to compete because they have the Halting Hex and don’t want to make people think they’re bluffing. However, Cody does want to play. Elena still trusts Paul and won’t compete to prove it, but Mark wants to. Paul tells Matt to play, so he agrees even though he doesn’t want to.

In the end, Matt, Alex, Jason and Mark are the only HGs who decide to play and it’s Bowlerina, where they spin around and knock down pins to get the fastest time. They get to watch each other play, so the last person knows the time they need to beat to win and the time they need to beat to avoid being nominated.

Jason gets 3 minutes and 37 seconds.
Alex gets 1 minute and 39 seconds.
Mark gets 1 minute and 18 seconds.
Matt gets 2 minutes and 35 seconds.

Mark wins immunity and Jason is the third nominee!

Mark is happy, but Elena is worried because if Cody and Jessica are safe, she might be the next target. Cody noticed that Paul was upset when Mark won. Mark is noq squarely with Jody, but Elena is still on the fence.

Paul’s Plan C

Since Mark was the back-up plan in case Cody and Jessica are safe, Paul needs a back-up for his back-up. Paul talks to his followers (Matt, Raven, Jason, Alex, Kevin and Christmas) about Plan C, which is targeting Elena. He wants a strong pawn against her. Alex volunteers, much to Jason’s disappointment. Matt also kind of volunteers, but not really.

Jessica tells Paul that she got a Hex and it can keep her and Cody safe for a few weeks. Later, she asks Paul if he has any questions about her Temptation. He doesn’t want answers because he’s confident he’ll get them at the nomination ceremony.

The Nominations

It turns out Paul didn’t need Plans B or C because he nominates Cody and Jessica and she doesn’t immediately pull out her Temptation. Paul is clearly confused, waiting for something to happen. Jessica and Cody just chuckle. The episode ends with Cody in the diary room saying, since Jessica has the Halting Hex, “I don’t care.”

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