Jessica’s first HoH might have ended in a blindside that resulted in her pawn, not her target, being evicted. The biggest surprise of the third live eviction episode of Big Brother 19 however, might have come from Jessica herself. 

Jessica dropped the news on everyone in the house that although Paul won the HoH competition, she was still safe for the week thanks to her Temptation, the Halting Hex. It’s a move that shocked everyone, not only the house but the people watching, and has caused a lot of debate about if it was brilliant or a brain-dead move. Everyone has an opinion, including Big Brother host Julie Chen.

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Emotional and Brash?

In her latest interview with Entertainment Weekly, Julie seems to fall into the Jessica was an idiot camp. After explaining she thinks it was a foolish move to not replace Ramses with someone else to ensure Josh went home, Julie said that Jessica made the wrong move revealing her temptation. “Loose lips sink ships. Information is power. I would NOT have said a word if I were Jessica,” the host said. 

“Why give away the fact you are holding an ace? I think her ego got in the way of her playing clearly,” Julie continued. “She was so hell bent on showing those who blindsided her that they did not get the best of her. Just emotional and not wise. That being said, it could be fun for her to see the others scramble to figure out what’s true, what’s false.”

It’s easy to see Julie’s point. If Jessica hadn’t said anything it is very likely that Jessica and Cody would have been Paul’s primary targets in his second HoH reign. The house, or the majority of the house, would have spent the entire week ensuring that either Jessica or Cody was on the block come eviction night. Jessica could have revealed her Temptation then and completely ruin Paul’s plans. This moment likely would have been far more satisfying than the immediate fighting back after the blindside of Ramses’ eviction. It would be like Paul standing up to Cody with his Pendant of Protection but even more wild.  

Or Exciting and Bold?

On the other hand, Jessica revealing her temptation up front will cause people to scramble in a week that should have been clean cut. This scrambling could probably only benefit Jessica in the long run. If Jessica used the Halting Hex to survive Paul’s HoH she would have lasted one week longer but unless Cody or her will HoH, their life in the game would still be cut short. They’d be buying themselves one week and nothing more. 

By exposing her advantage, Jessica will cause the other side of the house to panic and likely cause some divisions in that majority alliance. They are going to have to turn on each other without Jessica and Cody to target. It’s then that Jessica or Cody might finally be able to win some solid allies. Mark and Elena are so close to being forced to flip already. 

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It should also be pointed out that Jessica didn’t disclose exactly what her Temptation will do for her. She just said it would keep Cody and herself safe. She said nothing about halting an eviction. The houseguests could think that she has some kind of immunity, like Paul did, that prevents Cody and herself from even being nominated. There is a good chance that the houseguests, especially Paul, will call her bluff and nominate her anyway, they might want to take the safe route and not even bother poking the nest. No one wants to waste their time as Head of Household, especially not someone has self-centered and egomaniacal as Paul. 

On a personal level, Jessica’s announcement is risky and it could blow up in her face. It’s a risk that she had to take. It is better to try to use the Halting Hex to gain some power and influence in the house than to just foil Paul’s plans at the last second. Jessica needs to do something big if she wants to stay in the house and exposing her temptation in front of everyone is certainly big. 

But what do you think? Do you agree with Julie Chen and Jessica’s move was a mistake? 

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