Tonight, on The X Factor results show, we are saying goodbye to two more contestants.

For everyone who forgot to vote for Lakoda Rayne, I tell you with a heavy heart (sarcastic comment) that they have already been sent home. You all get an A for effort, though.

The Final 7 – “Man in the Mirror”

Things start off super shaky with Drew. Josh picks things up, thankfully. The smaller the group gets, the better the harmony sounds when these performances come around.

Okay, kiddos! You know what time it is. I suppose this would be the time that you could refer to last night’s recap, because it is MONTAGE TIME! Please, hold back your excitement.

Going thru to next week:
Chris Rene
Melanie Amaro
Rachel Crow

Here’s the breakdown for the remaining four, as Steve puts it…
1 automatically through
1 automatically eliminated
2 sing for their lives

And that’s just the judges, but now it’s time for a special guest performance!

Tinie Tempah – “Pass Out”

Pregnant women may have a hard time with this one. There are so many strobe lights in the building now, good grief. Rave! Tinie works the stage though and has enough time to get a dance in with Nicole, too. Steve owns a copy of his album, in case any one cared.

Also going through to the next round is…. Josh Krajcik

Eliminated: Astro (Wow!)

So the only reason Astro is upset is because he doesn’t get to see his “girl.” Yeah, this kid needs to go home.

Marcus Canty and Drew must sing for survival.

Unless Drew pulls out some hip new dances moves, I think the judges will say the same things they say every week and that won’t shape up to Marcus.

The Sing-Off

Drew – “Listen to Your Heart” by Roxette

I called it. I knew she would sing a slower song. At least she’s not standing in place, though. Walking around in circles can be fun, I guess? Just when I thought of praising her vocals, the song is kicked up a notch. She lost control of her vocals a bit.

Marcus Canty – “Neither One of Us” by Gladys Knight and the Pips

Before starting, Marcus lets the crowd know he just wants to show his soul. He does and he does it very, very well. After seeing him with such a production, backing him up last night, it’s a good contrast for Marcus to stand, humbled and simply sing. His feelings shine through.

The Judges’ Table

Remember, these are the names of those the judges want to send home.

LA – Drew
Simon – Marcus (After taking full responsibility for Drew being in the bottom.)
Nicole – Drew
Paula – Drew

Eliminated: Drew

That was one intensely odd elimination. Anyways, tune in to The X Factor next Wednesday when the Final 5 perform for your votes!

Jilliane Johnson
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Jilliane Johnson

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